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Wilson's Creek

Standing On Hallowed Ground

Beliefs ran deep in their soul
Courage flowed in their veins
Determination swarmed their minds
Love of country pierced their hearts

Farmers, ranchers, tradesman
Brothers, fathers, sons, foreigners
Such were the men bent on a cause
the cause ~~ Freedom for all

The Civil War came to Missouri

At Wilson's Creek Missourians fought Missourians
Men stood their ground and fought with deadly intensity
Men with no formal military training

Men on both sides faced a storm of enemy fire without yielding
Their persistent actions offered grim evidence
that this war was going to more violent and hateful
than anyone had yet imagined

Neutral Missouri

Most Missourians wanted to remain neutral
but some, including Governor Jackson planned to
cooperate with the Confederate movement

President Lincoln requested an end to the rebellion
Governor Jackson refused

By the end of the Civil War
Missouri had seen so many battles
it ranked as the third most fought over State in the Union

August 10, 1861

The Battle raged on Bloody Hill
Six horrific ~~  heroic hours
Advance ~~ Retreat
Charge ~~ Counter charge

Six hours of beliefs
Six hours of courage
Six hours of determination
Six hours of Love for Country

11:00 AM

Ammunition nearly depleted
Union Major Sturgis orders withdrawl
Battle at Wilson's Creek was over

Marker on Battlefield - Gen Lyon gave his life
 Union General Lyon
5,400 Federals - 285 dead, 873 wounded, 176 missing
10.200 Confederates - 277 dead, 945 wounded

The Southerners were victorious this hot August day
General Lyon lost the battle and his life
However,  Missouri remained in Union control

 Lives were changed forever...............

This page is dedicated to the thousands of talented people 
who live and share our country's history.
Reenactors came from many States across our great land 
to celebrate and honor the
150th Anniversary  of the
Wilson's Creek Battle

The authenticity was superb!
History was shared and learned this day.

Let us never forget their sacrifice

The writing in this post was done my myself
with the aid of the National Battlefield Brochure
providing accurate facts.
Pictures are a combination of my own and
from KSPR

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  1. This is awesome! My students would love this! I loved reading it. It really hits you in the heart...