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Friday, October 29, 2010

Hallows Eve is almost here

This magical, spooky, witching night  Hallows Eve, better know as Halloween, once again is about to descend upon us, spreading laughter and fear through every neighborhood across the land.

Children and adults as well, will make the familiar trek door to door, pumpkins and bags in hand demanding a luscious treat.  If not satisfied vengeance will be theirs, silly tricks  will be your gloom and doom.

Remember When .......

  • Cool crisp, sometimes, snowy nights
  • Chanting "Trick or Treat" and then "Thank You"
  • Tripping on your costume, spilling your candy
  • Carved pumpkins on all the porch steps
  • Pushing and shoving to be first in line
  • Crunching sound of shuffling leaves
  • Squeals of  laughter, faint fearful cries
  • Homemade caramel popcorn balls
  • Large 5 cent Hershey candy bars
  • Homemade decorated cookies from Mrs. Fuller
  • Bobbing for apples at the Fire Station
  • Pushing over the outhouse at the Rifle Club
  • Hiding Mrs. Kelly's mailbox  
  • Sorting your candy, trading with siblings
  • So tired.....  do not want to go to bed

               Don't let the Spooks get you............
                                                            Connie Boo

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Snow Of The Season

It is a beautiful first snow.  The hue colors of Fall have been replaced with pure white airy flakes, making the landscape innocent and clean again.  Smell of the first snow heightens my senses.  Memories abound of the holidays to come...caring, sharing,  joyous gatherings.

I know you will not last long, Welcome first snow,  lay low, stay awhile.  
  October 25, 2010 Turret Colorado


October in the Mountains
Capturing the Autumn colors

Fine Fall day for a walk


Hiking to Hecula Castle
2 mile ride down the Austin Trail on ATV's, plus a  1 1/2 mile walk on an old wagon trail, we are able to view the magnificent Hecula Castle rock formation.  Cool sunny weather and great friends was the perfect combination for today's hike.

Anita, Howard, Richard and Richard

Taking a break

Thirsty Black Labs

Hecula Castle Rock Formation
Hecula Castle is long time landmark, guards the western entrance to Box Canyon and Railroad Gulch.  This gorge once was the route for locomotives who hauled iron ore from the Calumet Mine high in the Ute Trail country east to the Arkansas River.
Stunning Rock Formation

Looking into the Canyon below

Smile, you made it, Connie and Richard

Fall Vacation Cut Short
 With the prediction of more snow on the way we decided to leave the mountain earlier than planned.  Our short trip has created many memories.  Chili feed with great friends, morning coffee clutches, mountain hiking, cozy wood stove fires, beautiful Fall landscapes and "The First Snow of the Season" , we are blessed...
Snow covered Mule

Packing up, ready to leave

Keeping Watch ... Till I Return

Such beautiful Ordinary Days these were, thank you for visiting, come back soon.