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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Makeover In Progress~~The Home Stretch

Excitement abounds...
planning, anticipation, completion,
the end is in sight!

My Valentine's gift from Mr B
installing the bead board,
~ My inspiration piece~
This lovely mirror
Rusty tin ceiling tile mounted in a wood frame

Good bye teal wallpaper
Welcome vintage bead board
Good bye bold ivy border
Welcome soft whimsical hand painted border
I wanted a softer look so I outlined
all the outside edges (leaves)  with  light gray.
One more trip around the room with my tiny brush,
Yes, I must have been out of my mind again!

 Hugs to all my dear bloggers,
your suggestions and comments
 were greatly appreciated.
You said: Cover up the wallpaper--cover up the border
What started out to be a small makeover
quickly turned into a major turnover, upside down, rip up
cover up task... I can truly say
"I Like It"
Now the fun part begins...decorating,
So many ideas floating in my head,
hope my little room has enough space.
Enough space where
Little girls will grow into young lady's.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You're A Special Friend Of Mine

To each and every friend of mine
I send this lovely Valentine

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Country Roads~~ Take Me Home

To a Place ~~ Where  I Belong
Is this Heaven, No
It is Missouri
Thank you dear friends for your interest
and your encouragement on our adventure.
So many questions...thought I would answer them here.

10 years ago we purchased 36 secluded acres 
in the heart of Ozark Country.
We also purchased our Colorado property, 
 Post Office in a Ghost Town, which we restored.
Oh how my heart sings when I am at the old cabin....

5 years ago we sold our 36 acre Ozark property
on a land contract....due to the economy  
last summer we received the property back.
A 16 hour drive takes us to our Colorado Cabin,
a 20 minute drive takes us to our Ozark Property.

So now we are back to square one,
should we build the cabin we thought of 10 years ago?
Yes, guess not, oh maybe, we are 10 years older!!
Mr B finally said "I think I have one more cabin in me"
OK then, you can count me in dear, lets roll.

Building Site
End of the trail seclusion, cold natural spring,
whispering waterfall, wildlife
wild turkeys, deer, even a cougar.
Rock formations, walking trails
and a sweet meadow tucked in among the cedars.
It is all about the land...
I have always been connected to land and the history it holds.
Gone With Wind--Scarlet, the land is what will sustain us
Sarah Plain And Tall--land, it is always the land
Magic Of Ordinary Days--this is my land, my fathers land

This Cabin will be a gathering place, where
friends , family, and strangers will be taken back to a simple time.
A time of sitting on the porch, hearing the softness of nature, 
reading by oil lamp, telling old stories, making new memories.
Taste a bit of rustic life,  taste a bit of the Ozarks.

Everyone is invited, 
you will find the key under the mat.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Makeover In Progress ~~Update

I must have been out of my mind!!
Did not take me long to remember why I gave up
Faux Painting
Tedious hours and a sore neck, 
but what the heck, 
it is almost done,  I am pleased.
Ivy border
I had previously decided to keep this border but after
much thought decided it too should be updated.
It really did not fit my vintage chippy white theme.

Vintage Border
Guess I have been out of the loop,
did not know  most DIY Stores no longer carry wallpaper.
I searched online but nothing caught my eye,
so thought why not paint over that border and create my own.
Remember....Faux painting...It all came back to me...

First coat, Cream primer paint
bottom edge of leaves was painted with a fine brush.
26 swags of ivy border now in primer.

Many Sleepless Nights
I had several ideas spinning in my head,
what should I put on this vintage border.
I am really into silhouettes and sheet music
 with children or vintage ladies would be nice.
Remembering my New Years Promise,
"Keep It Simple"
A Stencil, that would be simple...and
I love vintage paper, combine the two.

I visited Karen over at The Graphics Fairy Blog 
I found this vintage hand written song titled
Power of Song
I then put a brown filigree scroll on top of the graphic
and copied onto ivory parchment paper.
Scrappy tore the edges, I was ready to decoupage.
So simple, so pretty
Second coat of paint was a tan wash
a little darker that I liked but would fix that later.
Decoupaged the graphics onto the swags in pairs.
Third coat of paint a white wash,
OK, now it is starting to compliment by bead boards.
I really fell in love with this paper,
I tore some strips of words and decoupaged them
here and there and wherever,
looks like pealing wall paper LOL.
Fourth coat of paint....
hand painting the bottom edge of leaves in white.
Nine boxes (108 pieces) of bead board ready for Mr B to install.
Painted flat white
Sanded to distress
Old English to antique
Yes, I decided to cover the teal wallpaper with bead board!!!
Hopefully my makeover room will be soon completed,
so I have can get onto the fun part

Playing In The Woods
Sneak peak~~~Another project
Cutting cedar timber for our Log Cabin
Peeling logs, not so much fun.
Don't you just love the peaceful sound of a waterfall
Beautiful natural spring flowing over
ancient Ozark rocks

Got to love it when Mr B finally makes up his mind,
yes dear, this is the year we build our Ozark Cabin.
Now, right now,
got to peel those logs when the sap is rising...makes it easier.
Can't we finish my chippy white room  first?
I must have been out of mind!!
                                   To Be Continued......