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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Goodbye Summer, Welcome Autumn..........

Once again it is time for the changing of the seasons.  We say goodbye to walking barefoot on hot afternoons, lazy evenings sipping iced tea on the porch, baseball and apple pie at Grandma's.  We say hello to a crisp morning breeze, smell of fresh cut wood for the stove, radiant falling leaves, football and pumpkin pie.  Welcome Autumn, come in with all your beauty, the door is open...................

Autumn was and still is my favorite season of the year.  As a child growing up in Northern Wisconsin,  I can recall the "Scents of Fall".
  • Musty oak leaves blowing into drifts
  • Savory pumpkin pie cooling on the cupboard
  • Chimney smoke from all the wood stoves
  • Corn silage 
  • Smell of leather footballs tossed from my brother
  • Crisp new clothes for the start of school
  • Fall cleaning products
  • Buttery popcorn at football games
  • Sweet hot cocoa
  • Smell of new flannel PJ's....that was the best
Here in Southern Missouri, it will be a few more weeks, into November, before the leaves fall, and the winds blow cool and crisp.  We welcome Autumn with open arms, as there is a time for every season, your time is near..............

Prim Autumn Tour

Fun Fall Stuff in Sepia

Precious Gift Sunflower Quilt

Kindness Matters in Sepia

Husbands Vintage Red Gilbert Tool Box


Witches Rule

Child's Vintage Dress and Bonnet

Live Well...Laugh Often...Love Much

Reflections of a Simple Life

Vintage Cat and Pumpkins

Vintage Cat in Sepia

Annie's Keeping Watch 

Cherish Family and Friends -- My Sweet Grand Girls  

Favorite Reading Area

My First Annie

Great Aunt Judy

Touches of Fall

Child's Vintage Collection

Bronze Booties and Amish Baby Cap

Vintage Stitchery's

 Family Picture on Husbands Side.     

Oh.... I need to hide that light switch....

I Love Prim Annie's        

Happy Harvest Blessings 
A heritage isn't preserved,
It is nourished.
 It grows from bits and pieces,
told and written.
 Thank you for visiting with me.
What an awesome Ordinary Day

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Primitive Olde Buttery

 Welcome friends, today I am sharing pics of the Buttery cabinet my husband made for me.  I put in my order and he graciously obliged.  After the difficult windmill project the Buttery was a breeze.  We used "old" red cedar bead board that originally came from a vintage kerosene powered egg incubator.  Three of the boards still had a rusty metal vent with screen intact, these were used to control heat and humidity.  I used linseed oil as a finish to bring back the wood's natural color, the shelves were painted and then antiqued.  I am quite  pleased with the Olde Buttery, it is perfectly prim  ..................



I had a lot of fun loading the shelves
Family heirloom, original 6 gallon Red Wing crock
From my kitchen collection

Handmade Shoo Fly Screen with spiced sugar cakes
 From my tinware and pewter collection 
Vintage Jugs
White pitcher collection
Cupboard Annie
My makeover Cupboard Annie

Barn Wood Cabinet


Harvest Greetings to everyone. 
Wishing you all have a great week-end
and will experience the Magic of an Ordinary Day.....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Windmills On My Mind .......Windmill Raising

Windmills On My Mind

Like a circle in a spiral
Like wheel within a wheel
Never ending or beginning
On an ever spinning reel
As the images unwind
Like the circle that you find
In the windmills of my mind

There are dreamers and there are doers, my great man is both of these.  Finally, after years of dreaming, thinking and planning, the windmill of his mind, stands tall and strong.  An awesome, comforting reflection of beauty, greets all who pass by.

Windmill Raising
 Preparing the base

Tower was built from plans that were in my husbands head for years.

Installing the fan blades and the gear box


By guided ropes, and the power of a skid steer the tower was raised ever so slowly

After putting the tower in place, it was time to relax and say,
"That went pretty darn smooth"

Bolting the tower to the cement base and removing the ropes was the final phase of this project

          A "huge" Thank You to our talented friends who graciously agreed to help raise the windmill in the 90 degree heat of the morning.  Joe and Steve, you know how much we appreciate your friendship, Love You Guys............. Steve is excited, as he can see the top of the Windmill from his house, 1/2 mile away.                                                                                     
I stand tall and strong
  for all to see...
I chase the winds of time
  spinning free...
I am the Windmill of your mind
  look at me...

 Tribute to 9/11 ..... Peace to all this September Morn 2010