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Monday, July 19, 2010

Find Joy in Your Journey

Good morning friends,
Another beautiful day in the Missouri Ozarks, hot of course, but it is that time of the year.  I have been very busy packing for our vacation, going to the Cabin in Colorado.  I can hardly wait to enjoy the cool crisp morning mountain breeze, lazy sunny afternoons reading on the porch, and cozy bonfires in the evening.  I have another truck load of primitive stuff that I have collected this past year to take to the cabin.  Soon, the cabin will be so full I will have to start bringing things back....I will update you all with pics when we return.  Find Joy in Your Journey is my posting theme today.  Life is a Journey, everyday we should find a little piece of Joy within ourselves. An Ordinary Day is a Joy to me,  morning coffee is a Joy to me, being able to work is a Joy to me and surrounded by family friends is a Joy to me.  When I get to the Cabin, I will be over  joyed to visit with my dear friends Anita and Richard, who we only see once a year.  Finding Joy in your Life today will make the Journey so rewarding.  Until I return from my Colorado vacation I wish you all will experience the "Magic Of An Ordinary Day"...................

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nature At It's Best

Doe With Fawn 
My Son, who lives in Wisconsin, sent me this amazing picture I must share with you all.  It was taken by a camera he has set up in his food plot for feeding the animals.  I am so proud of Joe, he respects nature, has a true love for the outdoors and all the wonders it has to offer.  How Primitive is this...................

Amish Bread Day

Good morning friends, Today is another splendid ordinary day.  It is also time for baking my Amish friendship muffins.  I chose to make pumpkin nut this morning and they smell so savory sweet, can hardly wait for coffee break.  Last time I tried a new recipe using my sourdough starter.  I baked sourdough oatmeal cookies.  They were quite delicious with the cinnamon and sourdough flavor but next time I will add some raisins.  Hubby like raisins, so always have to butter him up,  just in case I need to hire his services for a prim project.

Just an update, I have been busy in my sewing room.  Made a pair of tan ticking pillow shams, grunged them a little bit and added vintage buttons down the front placket.  Also made a pair of vintage sunbonnets, grunged them with coffee  and cinnamon, they are ready to hang in the Cabin.  My vintage hanging scale is completed.  Rusted the tin pan for days outside (as I kept forgetting to bring it in) nice and rusty now, drilled holes in the pan to attach the chain that hangs from the round vintage scale.  I have it packed away ready to take to the Cabin, I will take pics of it out there and then will share.  I found an old wooden ironing board and vintage iron during my flea market search last week.  They will go to the cabin as well and will display nicely next to my washboard and wash tub.  
The Cabin Page  has been updated so head on over and take a peak.  Click on The Cabin under my other pages.  Hope you enjoy the story and continue to follow along.  As always I wish you all will experience the Magic Of An Ordinary Day today......Connie

Friday, July 9, 2010


Good morning friends,
A quick note to let you all know The Cabin page has been added.  You can find it under More Pages and click on The Cabin.  Wish you all a fine "ordinary day".   Come back....Connie

Friday, July 2, 2010

Primitive Chandelier

 Good morning friends,  I want to share with you some pics of my olde primitive chandelier.  I spotted one like this in my favorite prim shop and thought, wow, I can make this.  Had to engage the help of my best friend (hubby).  I drew a pic of what I wanted and he kindly took it to his shop and constructed the wood base.  I stained it and added a pip berry wreath.  The grungy beeswax led taper candles are from Bev at  heartland*designs
Here is her Ebay link.  I have grunged my own candles but sometimes it is more fun and faster to purchase them.  Bev has some neat stuff and is great to work with, check her out. We drilled holes into the wood so the candles will set right inside.  The fit quite snug so all you have to do is turn them to make the candle light.  We also added a hook for hanging.  But the best part is that, since my hubby knows me so well, he made me not one but two chandeliers.  What a guy, cost me a few bags of chocolate!!!!

The hardest part will be where to display my new chandelier.  I know one of them is going to the cabin.

More Fun Prims

A huge thank you to my son Joe and wife Jen for the birthday gift.  What I surprise to receive such adorable prim stuff.  Painted wood "Home" plate and a darling quilted wall hanging or table top cover.  It is so cute with sun bonnet girls, primly quilted, and smells like cinnamon and cloves. Simply  Love It . 

Wishing you all a great "ordinary day".......Connie

Family Reunion

I have returned from Wisconsin with a peaceful heart.  Sharing precious memories with my family was more than an "ordinary day", it was a blessed day.  Chatting with my brothers and sisters, laughing at the little nieces and nephews as they played water tag and visiting my Aunt Dorothy in the Senior Care Center were the best.

 After my Mom passed away 15 years ago, my Aunt Dorothy stepped in and took her place in my life.  She was always a special person in my life.  I was the daughter she never had as she raised  3 boys and always longed for a girl.   Aunt Dorothy is 87 years old and until this past May lived in her house for over 60 years.  A stroke and a failing mind has put her in Assisted Senior Care.  The love I have for this special lady is like no other.  She lost the love of her life, Uncle Jimmy, 2 years ago and has been waiting to join him.  As I visited with her I knew she was having a hard time placing me and felt as if she were talking to a stranger.  I knew at some point this day would come.  I kept visiting with her and made a joke about something and laughed.  As I laughed my Aunt Dorothy's eyes came to life, she looked right at me and said my name "Connie Rae", you are here.  I know that laugh, you sound just like my sister Rosie (my Mom).  Well, you know the tears started to flow from both myself and my daughter Wendy.  Of all the precious memories I have of my Aunt Dorothy this will be the one I will remember the most.  "Love you Aunt Dorothy".

A Family Is A Little World Created By Love,  is the theme of my blog today.  Thank goodness for Family Reunions, as they take us back to a simpler time when there were a lot of ordinary days.  Family Reunions  rekindles old memories and creates new ones.  Family Reunions affirms the fact that life is way to short and time passes far too quickly.  As I stood with my brothers and sister at the graves of our parents, I thought of this "World" they had created out of love for each other, 7 children, 11 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren.  How Great Thou Art....How Great Thou Art...   Love you Mom and Dad...............