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Monday, February 28, 2011

Primitive Antique White Gathering...

Greeting Prim Friends,
I know I have been AOL, sorry, but today, I have the most fantastic
Antique White Primitive Gathering to share with you.
I was so excited to win an Ebay auction from Tonya
Click above link to view her blog
You might remember my Winter Whites post from
Misi's Tuesday display chain  
I shared pics of my "primitive victorian powder room"
Gorgeous Prim Gathering
Spring  Antique White Gathering
Winter White Christmas Gathering

 This is the fun auction I won from Tonya
Prim white tray with bowl and pitcher
Prim candle stick with candle
Handmade nubby candles - Handmade soap bars
Bath salts in glass decanter , muslin towels
Prim doily with three prim clothes pins

I set the gathering on my antique radio cabinet
Added a few of  my treasurers
Sweet silhouette picture
Vintage hairbrush and mirror
Two vintage perfume bottles
Vintage round tin perfume case by Luzell, Creme Ale Meridor
Found this treasure while restoring our Colorado Cabin
Sifted it from the dirt underneath the floor boards

 Vintage white dress gloves
Avon's 90th Anniversary Keepsake Perfume Bottle

 So Simple...So Pretty...

Thank you again to Tonya
Your creative talent is my far the best
Your Prim Gatherings are fantastic
Your tutorials are awesome....
Thank you for visiting today
Wishing you all "The Magic of an Ordinary Day"
Prim Blessings

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Swap Goodies

Look at all the Prim Goodies....
Beth from Olde Tyme Market Place was my swap partner.
So.... Prim Prairie Annie Doll,  "Love Her"
 Peaking into the box
Annie Doll, Wood Bowl,
Prim Gathering Sign, Vintage Towel
Vintage Spool wrapped with cheese cloth
Tart Warmer with Berry Tart
Adorable Vintage Crochet Baby Booties
Old Nero Polish Can complete with "rust"
After viewing my blog
 Beth knew exactly what she was going to put together
As her sweet note stated
I picked out things I (Beth) liked
And knew you would like them too.... how sweet
Wood bowl with booties, prim sign, towel, Nero Polish
 Adorable "booties" displayed with baby shoes

 Wood bowl tucked behind Prim Bunny's
These cute bunny's are from The Rusty Thimble
Stop over and visit with Brenda
She is an awesome artist
Thanks Brenda
'Prim Gathering"
  Prairie Annie
 Apple Baskets and Bunny's
 A special Thank You to Tam, from A Primitive Place
for hosting this swap.  This was my first swap
It was a lot of fun, I had a great time
putting together a gathering for
Beth at Olde Tyme Market Place.
Beth's blog is an inspiration, full of great Prim ideas
and a lot of, as she says, "junkin"
Wishing everyone the Magic Of An Ordinary Day

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Green Bay Packers World Champions

Super Bowl XLV
Hero's Are Born
Hearts Are Broken

My heart was not broken.  My Packers came to play.
  They played their "hearts" out for the love of the game,
for the love of their "fans"
for the great city, Green Bay
and for the great State, Wisconsin
It was out turn...our time...we were due
we were not to be denied.....

All Our Teams Are Hero's
These "Boys Of Fall"
Only "One" team can be crowned the Champion
In our hearts "All our Teams are Champions"
Only "One" team can carry the Trophy
Super Bowl XLV and World Champions
Green Bay Packers

 A World Champ Season

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Where Hero's Are Born
Hearts Are Broken
  • S....Sons of Fate
  • U....Undying Fans
  • P....Proud Parents
  • E....Excellence with Ethics
  • R....Rage with Reason
  • B....Boys of Fall
  • O....Overcoming the Odds
  • W....We are all Winners
  • L....Love of the Game
  • XLV...."45" 
To all my family in Wisconsin
Love you and wish I was there
To celebrate....
Go Packers...Go Green Bay...
Thank You To... The Boys of Fall...Our Hero's

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow and Freezing Cold In Missouri

February 1, 2011
First major "blizzard" in 12 years here in Southern Missouri.  Sun is shining this morning after a snowy blowing day yesterday.  9 inches on the ground with 3 - 4 foot drifts, temp this morning 3 chilling degrees.

Snow Day Baking
Since I could not get out to work this is what I did to keep myself busy.  
My kitchen is nice and cozy after baking Apple Bars.  This recipe is so simple, I call them

So Simple Apple Bars
So Yummy
This is what you need.
  Package Pie Crust
Can Fried Apples
Spread out the pie crust and roll a little larger to make it thinner
Cut up the apple slices and spread over crust
Sprinkle with cinnamon or apple pie spice
Roll other pie crust just a bit to fit, cover apples, 
crimp edges and cut slits on top for venting.  
Bake 350 until golden brown
When cool spread with a thin layer of 
canned frosting or make your own glaze.
Enjoy....So simple

Skid Steer is running
Looks like Mr. B has the skid steer running, 
plowing snow so I can get to work today, 1-8pm
Stay safe and warm, all my prim friends that are in the path of this latest winter storm

Prim Blessings