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Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Blessings

For last year's words belong to
last year's language.
And next year's words awaits another voice.
And to make an end
Is to make a beginning.
                                 T.S. Eliot

New Year Blessings

Monday, December 24, 2012

~Mary Had A Baby~

A child's
 "Christmas Story"
After Mary and Joseph were married,
the Emperor Augustus said 
"everyone should return to their hometown"
 so a count could be made of every person in my empire.

Mary was going to have a baby but they made
the long trip to Bethlehem anyway.
When they arrived the big city was full of people,
streets were crowed with shoppers
and all the hotels were filled up!

Joseph searched and  searched but could find no where to stay.
Finally, on the edge of town, he spotted an old barn.
He said, "Mary will this be ok, it sure would be fun to sleep
in the hay with all these animals."

During the night Mary had her baby!!
A baby boy, "wow", he was so pretty.
She wrapped him in a blue blanket and
gently laid him in a manger where the animals fed,
cause there was nowhere else for her baby to sleep. 
Mary and Joseph were so happy, lots of people came to visit.
There were Shepherds from next door,
Angels flew down from "Heaven",
and even men that were very smart stopped by.
They brought presents for Mary's new baby
just like Santa does.

Then you know what happened,
all of the animals started to talk to Mary's baby.
Cows, sheep, chickens they all spoke real words,
 that made Joseph laugh but Mary just smiled.

Mr. Donkey said to Mary
"What did you name your baby?"
His name is Jesus
A Savior who will one day rule the nations'.
                            The End
                                                          Constance Raybabe aka Connie
                                             Age 7  1851

And They Came With Haste,
And Found Mary and Joseph,
And The Babe Lying
In A Manger.
Luke 2:16

Wishing you Peace and Love
this silent Holy Night

Monday, December 10, 2012

Angels Among Us

This is one of my favorite  Prim Angels
Silently she stands keeping watch over all.

From the early morning rays
till the soft glow of evening light,
She is a constant reminder 
of Faith, Love and "Hope".

During this Christmas Season
May you receive many blessings
from your Christmas Angel.

 ~~~It is time~~~
 To announce the winner
of my #103  Giveaway

From Scrappalchia
Stop over, greet Annie and while you are there
check out her amazing blog.

Thank you to all my followers and to those
who took the time to comment.
You are all winners in my heart.

 Thank you for visiting with me at The Cabin


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Gift ~Life Begins~

  Gifts come in numerous shapes and sizes,
some are large and others are small,
some gifts have no size at all.

However, it is not the size of the gift that matters
but rather the size of the heart that gives it.
                                            Quote "Gift of the Magi"

My special prim friend Tonya
over at My Primitive Creations 
 sent me a very precious gift.
Tonya's Note

Tonya's heart is so large I don't think
 I could even begin to wrap my arms around it.
Tonya lives life with passion, hard work and lots of laughs.
Even though she has had a rough year in 2012 with,
numerous surgery's, car problems, losing her dear "cat"

Tonya takes the time to think about others.
 while thrifting one day
she found a special gift just for me.
~~Love you girlfriend ~~

The Gift ~Life Begins~
 Vintage Baby Book dated 1938

Tonya remembered my post about Ina Petersen's baby book
dated 1918 I found in a Colorado flea market
When she saw this sweet baby book, she thought of me.
I feel so honored.

An empty book, no entry's were made, how sad.
 Sounds like the makings of another story here!

My precious gift is on display in the

vintage white cabinet located in
Jesse's Room at Woodmist Cabin

~Read on my Prim Friends~
Since this will be my 103rd post, with 103 followers
I think it is time for a give away
don't you!!!

As a sincere thank you to all my followers 
and in keeping with the season of giving
as shown by Tonya...
I have put together a Prim Package of Goods just for you.

 Handmade prim dolly set in a pocket
Simply wonderful prim bar of soap
Three yummy tarts 
Woven placemat
Connie's homemade Blackberry Jam 
from my berry patch
All set in a lovely braided basket.
Colors are my favorite
Tan ~ Black ~ Cream

To Enter
You must a follower
Leave a comment on this post

The winner will be announced on
Monday evening, December 10th

Ina Petersen's story can be found under my Label
"Stories" dated 10/12/11
1916 Baby Book - Come Turn The Pages With Me
I don't know how to put the link here... 

After weeks of searching
never giving up hope
Tonya found her lost cat.
A miracle indeed....


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Comes Again

The year has turned it's circle,
The seasons come and go.

The harvest is all gathered in,
And chilly north wind blow.

Orchards have shared their treasures,
The fields their yellow grain.

So open wide the doorway,
Thanksgiving comes again.

 Wishing my dear friends
A Blessed Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stepping Back In time With Jesse

Welcome to my simple place, 
a special space I cherished so.
As I peer out my window
fading light brings back precious memory's
of days gone by.

Memory's of a young girls dreams, hopes and fears,
 Days filled with simple tasks, 
rewarded with simple treasures.
Days filled with writing letters and stitching samplers
and day dreaming of what the future would bring.
Oh, how I loved my special place, this room, I called my own.
Where I dared to be more than a simple girl, 
I could be more than just Jesse
I could be "me".

 Please come in, sit awhile, 
experience the freshness
of days gone by.

Jesse's room is located at the top of the stairs
at Woodmist Hideout
Come by for a visit.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Simple Life

A stroll into
Wood Mist Forest

As morning twilight streaks ever so slightly thru the dense thickets of trees
 my forest takes on a magical misty glow of fog like shadows.

Dampness settles on aging branches,
 nourishing them as a mother would her young.

A faint scent of wood mist rises into the still of the air.

Wood mist, 
a woodsy enticing scent reaching into every inch of your being,
captivating the soul, tantalizing the spirit.  

Oh how I cherish this twilight time,
when night's dark softness rolls over, bids farewell,
 and welcomes mornings ray. 

Mornings rays engulfing Woodmist Hideout

Welcome to a little cabin in the big woods.

Shall we take a quick peek,

 of course my door is always open
please step inside.

Oh look at this quaint kitchen,
except for the "white" gas fridge, better than
cold storage in the hill side.

Chippy Sellars cabinet top with rusty panel doors. 
Behind the rusty panels are the original cream color
chippy doors with faded painted flowers.
I did not have the heart to paint over them.
Distressed cream plate cabinet and sink cabinet
were made by a local primitive craftsman.
Love my double drain board sink,
had it in storage for 12 years!!

Absolute favorite "Antique  Stove"

Make do cabinet - second try
 Make do cabinet - first try
Make do cabinet - third try is a charm.

This barn wood cabinet was purchased 20 years ago,
my first primitive piece,
how fitting it should have a new home.

Serene simplicity

Primitive jelly cabinet was hand made by Mr B for our Colorado Cabin

You already know Miss Blair, the overseer at
Woodmist Hideout.

Oh look, here is Annie from Colorado,
she is settling in rather nicely, playing hide and seek today.
Look at that chippy stair railing taken from a 100 year old house!

Where did the time go, the gas lights are lite, dusk is upon us.
Please come back and visit again.

Maybe we will go upstairs and see who lingers there.

Or meander into the necessary room!!!

A Simple Life,
keeping it simple was my goal.
Primitive on the inside
maintenance free on the outside.
The best of both world's.

This evening a full moon looms over my forest.
Peaceful dark of night,
with just a touch of God's wondrous light.