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Monday, January 31, 2011

Preparing for the Storm

Winter storm warning posted for southern Missouri. 
1/2 to 3/4 inches of ice followed by 6 to 12 inches of snow 
Then below zero temps for Wednesday night
60 degrees on Friday and Saturday and now this.......
My "cats" playing in the snow
Just kidding - my ceramic cats playing in the snow
Last major snow March 2008

The generator is ready, gas and diesel fuel purchased.  Oil lamps and candles are ready, however they are always out and used.  Last minute grocery staples were bought, cupboards are full.  Extra chicken feed was purchased for our hens and the heat lamp is set up in the coop.  Finished up laundry, mailed my swap package, chow mein casserole is in the oven. The only item missing is the Spring issue of "A Primitive Place".  Sure would nice to curl up, watch the snow and read this terrific magazine.  It was not in the morning mail so will have to make do, will be to busy shoveling the white stuff anyway.

I like this picture much better!!!
Samantha taking a nap with her ceramic look alike.

Prim Blessings to all my friends.
Looks like tomorrow will not be an Ordinary Day
None the less, preparation is key, that we are.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flea Market Finds

                          Welcome Prim Friends                        Off to the Flea Markets 
in search of treasures.
Guess this was my lucky day 
I found lots fun goodies.

Always looking for vintage clothing.
Found some ladies gloves
And these precious soft soled infant shoes
from 1961, with original box.

                    I was very excited to find this vintage dress top.  The bottom shows a raw edge like it was detached.  I don't think it was a skirt as there is no opening for a zipper or hooks and eyes.  The top is large enough that it could have been pulled over the head.  Possibly worn with another high neck lace garment under neath. The top could have been attached to a band or a pendluem. Detail is stunning.  It appears it be black silk with beige lace.  Lace appliques and underneath the flap is a pocket.  The back is beautiful as well.

 I am open to any comments or suggestions about 
 this lovely vintage garment.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  From the flare sleeves I am thinking it could be from the 1920's, maybe as early as late teens.

Bargains Galore
Courting candle, 3 Beehive molds 99cents
Round chopping block, brown & cream crock
metal box with oak front
All were 3.50 each
Handmade Bunny from Kendra, local crafter
MW Scale
Apple Basket and Peck Basket 3.00 each

75.00 Bargain of the Day
3 piece pine set
Tall hutch, wire door wall cabinet
chicken crate cabinet with doors
I want to stain the tall hutch
a dark walnut shade
Leave the chicken crate as is
Stain or paint the wall cabinet black
Now just have to wait for a warm day to work on my projects.
The fun part will be filling the shelves.
I already know the chicken crate is going to find
a home at the Cabin.

Mr. B's cat named "Kitten"

Thank you for visiting today
Prim Blessings from Missouri

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I need your advice, please help

Good morning prim friends
I need your feedback, advice, experience and thoughts
on what I should do.

I am contemplating about starting up a flea market booth again.
It has been 4 years since I closed by booth after doing it for 5 years. 
I have 3 different Markets that want me back.
This is a big decision mostly because of the economy.
Southwest Missouri is a poor area, however, Crane Missouri is a small town
with an old Main Street that consists of mainly flea markets.
 Branson, Missouri music capital is 45 miles away.  I had a booth there
years ago, did good but it is a long way to travel and the rent is high.

I would want to do "primitive" as that is my passion,  
my concern, is there a market for primitive....
The fleas here have everything from country, antiques, home decor to garage sale junk. However, 12 miles away is a primitive shop, The Primitive Peddler, so there must be some interest in the area.  I have purchased from her and she is very pricey.  A Market that I frequent says she gets a lot of customers looking for primitive stuff and is encouraging me.

I would  have to purchase some product but would  include hand made items, as you know my husband is fantastic with wood.  We are now in the process of making leather saddle bags....to go with his saddle and covered canteens.  My husbands advice " don't look to make any money, if you break even and have fun then consider it a hobby".   

One more thing, I also have a full time job working retail, evenings and week-ends.  So there you have it, to Flea or not to Flea that is the question this morning.

Here are a few pics of previous booths I had, they are not primitive, just a lot of fun stuff.

This was my Red Hat Booth  "wow" that was a long time ago.


Any comments will be greatly appreciated.  Be honest, tell me what you think....

Prim Blessings from Missouri
Wishing you all the "Magic of a  Ordinary Day"  they are the best.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Moving On ... Olde Gatherings

Christmas goodies are packed away, 
Corners and crevices are dusted clean
My oh my does the house seem bare
It is time for "Moving On"

Moving On

Searching the Fleas for treasures
Finding neat places for family gifts
Bold furniture decisions
Changing out Olde Gatherings
More sanding, rusting and staining
Anticipating  Spring's Blossoms
 Bold Furniture Decision
I stacked my sewing (thread) cabinet on top of  the vintage treadle sewing machine cabinet.
The wood matched beautifully, rare tiger maple..It is still a work in progress, not sure if it is a keeper.

One of my favorite Annie's, she is in all my displays

Family Gifts
 Gift from my daughter 
Vintage brass tea kettle...has a home on the Buttery

 Leabes of Gold - gift to myself
Another amazing gift from my daughter
1866 Bloller Store Ledger Journal

Daily entries made of  purchases and payments
Salt, flour, tobacco, shoes, fabric, seeds

:Leather bullet display made by my husband Dick
High back saddle... husbands gift to himself
Dick made the cedar saddle stand

The stand also functions as a table to hold his goods

Flea Market Finds
3 drawer wood box
I want to paint it stressed black

Adorable blue stressed painted wood box
with brown crock jug

For my Buttery a wood handle rusty tin masher

Handmade basket from Columbia Missouri
Miller Maid heavy aluminum  pots
in the shape of a heart
Olde Gatherings Are New Again

"Love is the thread that binds" gathering

 Olde  Gathering
Wood Boxes and Baskets
Abby Anne has found a new place to sit.

Vintage Pack Basket

Waiting for Springs Blossoms

These beautiful pics warms my soul
on this cold winters day
They remind me there is a time for every season
The magic of Spring is only a snapshot away

Thank you for visiting today.  Prim Blessings