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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

~~~~~And The Winner Is~~~~~

A huge thank you 
from my heart
to all my fantastic friends
who take the time to follow along
and visit me in my Cabin.

Your kind comments are so appreciated.
I enjoy visiting with you all.

Everyone is unique in there own way,
and yet we share a common thread.

Love of family,  love of friends, 
love of creating. love of primitives.

With that said the winner
of my 1st Anniversary Giveaway

While sipping tea on the porch this evening
I gave Mr B the honor of drawing the winner's
from this primitive tote bag~~~#11

 Congratulations to
 Primitive Country Cabin

Now that is for real, how awesome is that
another Connie will enjoy some of my creations
I am so excited, congrats Connie.

~~~The other winners are~~~
Deppenhomestead 1862
The Rusty Thimble

Join me in congratulating all the winner's
I will shoot you an email and you can respond to it
with your name and address


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby Shoe Collection

One of my favorite collections is 
Baby Shoes
So many story's to tell in those
worn soles and tattered shoelaces

Leather toddler shoes, brown and white
The brown pair have traveled many miles as the soles
are almost worn off....
How many little one's wore those shoes, lots and lots....

Small baby shoes ... almost new 
child's white prayer book  and vintage hairbrush

These are my favorite...
brown baby shoes that have been bronzed
many years ago, as they are starting to flake

Bronze baby booties 
my first bronze addition
 Cute baby shoes tucked inside a strainer

My only pair of vintage high top button shoes
They are so hard to find for the right price

Bronze shoes...vintage white leather shoes...baby booties
This gathering is displayed in my "Shabby White Bathroom"
The wood rack was a thrift store find 
I painted it cream, added mustard yellow in some places
then put crackle paint over the mustard areas
sanded and distressed and gave a final coat of "old english"

Got to have a little Shabby somewhere....

Just a Reminder
The giveaway for my 1st year anniversary ends
 Wednesday June 29
I will draw three lucky winners at 6:00 pm cst
This giveaway is for my current followers
as a special thank you 

Another quick peek of some of the goods included
Ohhh, this pic got a little blury
can you guess what they are....

Happy Independence Day

Wishing you all a Blessed Independence Day
Don't eat too much watermellon and hot dogs
Stay safe with those fireworks....
As for me I will be working, wonderful world of retail...

But, later that evening it will be Race Night (Nascar)
Cold Coke and Popcorn
  A date with hubby and Daytona Speedway...
Go Junior 88

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Anniversary Giveaway

My first year was filled with
New Friends~~
Primitive Topics~~
 Sharing your knowledge
gave me the insight and courage
to move beyond country and into the
wonderful world of Prim

Laughter and Tears~~
  Sharing our daily life experiences,
excitement from simple flea market finds,
sadness from losing something
or someone special...

What a difference a year makes~~
Ordinary days are magical days
Nothing special
but then again
Nothing tragic either

Thank You to all of my inspiring followers
As a special thank you I am hosting a giveaway
for all of my current followers
Please do not post this give away on your blogs or sidebars  
as this is just for you,
my dear primitive friends who have taken the time to follow along

All you need to do is comment on this post.
I will announce the winner one week from today
Wednesday, June 29

It has taken me awhile to put together a fun
handmade from the heart give away.
In fact it is still a work in progress....
First ~~A handmade tote/purse
Made from a red & cream ticking towel
We can all use  another tote for flea marketing!

The front pocket was made using a muslin bag from
Sullivan's Mill ~~ Silver Dollar City ~~ Branson, MO

The inside pocket has the recipe for
Hillbilly Cinnamon Rolls
from the backside of the Biscut Bag
 The tote is still a work in progress as I will be
adding a vintage trim around the top.

Now the surprises begin....
Inside will be loaded with lots of goodies.
Crow mug from the Molasses Collection
1776 Prim Flag
Fabric Stash

Cookbooks and Cookie Cutters
Their will be more....
But that will be a surprise for the lucky winner
As she unwraps all of her goods.

Wait ~~ there is more
There will be a second winner
A third winner
No tote, but some fun prim goodies, indeed.

 Once again, thank you, dear friends
 for taking the time to enter My Cabin
Where you never have to knock
The front door is always open

I also have to thank Mr B for
updating our server to high speed.
It was then, I could enter the world of bloging,
and meet all of you...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thank You Dad

When I was three
I called you Daddy...

When I was thirteen
I called you Dad...

Now I am sixty
Your Spirit calls me... Spunk

 My Dad was not wealthy,
but his gift to me was priceless,
Love~~~Simple Love~~~

My heart yearns to hear your laughter
feel your gentle touch
 one more moment with you
just one more ....

Thank You Dad
You are the Best

Love You Always, Spunk
No Dad, I Love You More ...

Duane Otto Schreiner
August  1928 ~~~April 1993

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

~~~So excited~~~ Received giveaway from Angela

I am so excited to share with everyone my first time win.
Angela over at Thru Nana's Window hosted this fantastic giveaway.

 Pony Express Mailbag with "Old Letters" and a few extra's.

Angela is a talented artist,
her blog is a pleasure to visit,
sipping tea on her front porch
or sharing an ice cream sundae,
she makes you feel so welcome.

Stop over for a visit, 
you don't even have to knock,
her door is always open.
Primitive and Perfect Pony Express Mailbag.
Handmade by Angela

Letters from the mailbag....
Very authentic, these really enhance the bag.

Angela's very own vintage handmade candle
Need candle light  to read your letters

Primitive patriotic angel ornie
Another one of Angela's sweet creations

Last but not least
A beautiful Primitive note card 
with a special message from 
A special lady...

As we all know handmade is the best gift ever
True love sent from the your heart to mine.
Thank you Angela, 
I love them all....

Remember...Ordinary Days are Special Days,
Today was an ordinary day but yesterday was not so much.
I had to endure a repeat root canal  on the same tooth,
Not the most pleasant moment in life but I am fine.
The dentist said there will be more to come,
Oh no, why am I falling apart,
could it be the Big 60 is coming soon...
Prim Blessings

Thursday, June 2, 2011

June Is Busting Out All Over

Fresh and alive and gay and young
June is a love song sweetly sung...

June is best friends

June is best friends and learning to ride a bike

June is delicate flowers in bloom

June is sunny days for making hay

June is finding a shady spot for nap time

June is a picnic on the porch

 June is lots of pool time

June is Country Fairs

June is First Holy Communion

June is the month of ~~love~~

June is Father's Day

June is made for day dreaming

June has arrived
June is busting out all over
Let the lazy days of summer begin...