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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Windmills On My Mind .......Windmill Raising

Windmills On My Mind

Like a circle in a spiral
Like wheel within a wheel
Never ending or beginning
On an ever spinning reel
As the images unwind
Like the circle that you find
In the windmills of my mind

There are dreamers and there are doers, my great man is both of these.  Finally, after years of dreaming, thinking and planning, the windmill of his mind, stands tall and strong.  An awesome, comforting reflection of beauty, greets all who pass by.

Windmill Raising
 Preparing the base

Tower was built from plans that were in my husbands head for years.

Installing the fan blades and the gear box


By guided ropes, and the power of a skid steer the tower was raised ever so slowly

After putting the tower in place, it was time to relax and say,
"That went pretty darn smooth"

Bolting the tower to the cement base and removing the ropes was the final phase of this project

          A "huge" Thank You to our talented friends who graciously agreed to help raise the windmill in the 90 degree heat of the morning.  Joe and Steve, you know how much we appreciate your friendship, Love You Guys............. Steve is excited, as he can see the top of the Windmill from his house, 1/2 mile away.                                                                                     
I stand tall and strong
  for all to see...
I chase the winds of time
  spinning free...
I am the Windmill of your mind
  look at me...

 Tribute to 9/11 ..... Peace to all this September Morn 2010

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