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Friday, October 29, 2010

Hallows Eve is almost here

This magical, spooky, witching night  Hallows Eve, better know as Halloween, once again is about to descend upon us, spreading laughter and fear through every neighborhood across the land.

Children and adults as well, will make the familiar trek door to door, pumpkins and bags in hand demanding a luscious treat.  If not satisfied vengeance will be theirs, silly tricks  will be your gloom and doom.

Remember When .......

  • Cool crisp, sometimes, snowy nights
  • Chanting "Trick or Treat" and then "Thank You"
  • Tripping on your costume, spilling your candy
  • Carved pumpkins on all the porch steps
  • Pushing and shoving to be first in line
  • Crunching sound of shuffling leaves
  • Squeals of  laughter, faint fearful cries
  • Homemade caramel popcorn balls
  • Large 5 cent Hershey candy bars
  • Homemade decorated cookies from Mrs. Fuller
  • Bobbing for apples at the Fire Station
  • Pushing over the outhouse at the Rifle Club
  • Hiding Mrs. Kelly's mailbox  
  • Sorting your candy, trading with siblings
  • So tired.....  do not want to go to bed

               Don't let the Spooks get you............
                                                            Connie Boo

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