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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blue Fabric - Civil War & Feed Sack Patterns

Went on the search for Blues Fabric
Civil War, Calico and Feed Sack...
Lorna from Live Oak Primitive Peddler
was in need of blue civil war fabric,

Linda at Meadowbrook
Robin from Millstone Merccantile
Tonya at My Primitive Creations
also expressed a need for civil war and calico fabric.

I went to FM Fabric Store located in Springfield, MO
I took some pics of his selection of Civil War Era,
Calico prints and Feed Sack Patterns.
Sadly to say he does not have a website yet, you know this is Missouri...
However, after I told him of your needs,
he let me take all the pics I wanted.
There is so much fabric I didn't know where to start but stayed with
the blues and then added a few others.
Liberty Bell Fabric also comes in Blue....I should have bought some of this

Antique Treasurers
Aunt Gracie's
Feed Sack Patterns from the 30's and 40's

The fabric is $3.99 a yard with tax is $4.30 a yard.
I can purchase fabric for any of you who might be interested or
he said he could ship direct to you if he knew what you wanted.
I numbered the pics to make it more helpful in finding your selection.
You are more than welcome to copy these photos and order
directly from him at the store or I can make your purchase.

FM Store
Fax 417-881-1431
1368 East Sunshine, Springfield, MO  65804
Open Monday - Saturday 9:30 to 5:30

This is what I purchased today....
Adorable flag fabric, perfect for pillow tucks
note the "76" and 13 stars for the 13 colony's.

My Vintage Blue Quilt
No, I did not make this, wish I could quilt...
This dandy was purchased at an estate sale and
I use it every winter, just took it off the bed this week....

Good luck in your search of blue fabric,
You can make a comment to this post as I have them
sent directly to my email.  I can contact you from there...

Remember...Ordinary Days are Special Days


  1. Pretty fabric, but I love the quilt. It is beautiful. Love all the colors.

  2. Connie, you are such a sweetheart to do that for those who are looking for that particular fabric! Wow! Thanks so much for offering to get some for all of us too! If I wasn't trying to 'curb' my fabric addiction, I'd take you up on that offer. I just have no more room! LOL


  3. Hi Connie, beautiful fabrics!! You are such a sweetheart for taking all those pics for all of us. I have copied down the contact info and will copy the pics to contact him. If there is a problem I might let you get it for me but will try to order from him. Thank you so much!!!