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Friday, May 11, 2012

Mothers Are A Special Gift

All Love Begins
And Ends There
                          Robert Browning 
Mothers Are A Special Gift
                                           Faye Kilday

Mothers are a special gift sent
from God above,
They bless us with their nurturing
And fill us with their love.
They pick us up when we are down,
And when we're sad they know.
They're always there to lend a hand,
And guide us as we go.

And mothers are like special jewels
that can't be bought or sold...
A mother's love's more precious
than the rarest gem of gold.
Yes, mothers are a special gift
sent from God above.
And we'll be blessed forever with
their never ending love!

Mother's Day Promise
 Mother, I promise to be here for you,
the way you've always been there for me.

I promise to celebrate your joys with you
and to care about the things that happen in your life.

I promise to remind you, how much I love you...
not just on special days like this,
but on ordinary days too.        

My Mom has been gone 17 years,
I think of her often,
she was my best friend.
Now I am best friends with
my daughter Wendy.
This is "Moms" legacy

"Love You More" ~~~~~