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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby Shoe Collection

One of my favorite collections is 
Baby Shoes
So many story's to tell in those
worn soles and tattered shoelaces

Leather toddler shoes, brown and white
The brown pair have traveled many miles as the soles
are almost worn off....
How many little one's wore those shoes, lots and lots....

Small baby shoes ... almost new 
child's white prayer book  and vintage hairbrush

These are my favorite...
brown baby shoes that have been bronzed
many years ago, as they are starting to flake

Bronze baby booties 
my first bronze addition
 Cute baby shoes tucked inside a strainer

My only pair of vintage high top button shoes
They are so hard to find for the right price

Bronze shoes...vintage white leather shoes...baby booties
This gathering is displayed in my "Shabby White Bathroom"
The wood rack was a thrift store find 
I painted it cream, added mustard yellow in some places
then put crackle paint over the mustard areas
sanded and distressed and gave a final coat of "old english"

Got to have a little Shabby somewhere....

Just a Reminder
The giveaway for my 1st year anniversary ends
 Wednesday June 29
I will draw three lucky winners at 6:00 pm cst
This giveaway is for my current followers
as a special thank you 

Another quick peek of some of the goods included
Ohhh, this pic got a little blury
can you guess what they are....

Happy Independence Day

Wishing you all a Blessed Independence Day
Don't eat too much watermellon and hot dogs
Stay safe with those fireworks....
As for me I will be working, wonderful world of retail...

But, later that evening it will be Race Night (Nascar)
Cold Coke and Popcorn
  A date with hubby and Daytona Speedway...
Go Junior 88


  1. Connie your baby shoe collection is amazing !I really like the display in the first pic ! Love,love those high top button shoes.I think I may see a new collection in my future.Thanks for inspiring me . A Safe and Happy Independence Day to you and yours !Hugs,Jen

  2. Connie, I just love your little shoe collection. You really have some nice pairs of little shoes. Never thought of collecting the bronze ones. I have my very first pair of bronze ones that Mother had done from my baby shoes. Will have to share those one day. Love the way you have displayed them. I, too, love so much shabby chic, so girl share pictures of that bathroom, would love to see more!!
    Can't wait to see who the winner of your giveaway will be. A great "from the heart" giveaway. Have a great day.
    Thru Nanas Window

  3. Connie,
    I love all the baby shoes. I still have my daughter's first pair. Nice displays with the shoes. Love your vintage giveaway peeks. Can't wait to see more. I'll check back later to see who wins.
    Have a good day.
    Country at heart

  4. Good Morning Connie, I love your displays the shoes are so sweet. when I see Vintage items
    like these I often wonder about their past it just puts a smile on my face.
    Have a lovely holiday weekend

  5. What wonderful displays of history. Just love those little shoes...so precious!

    Hope you have a great Holiday weekend Connie!

  6. Wonderful collection of shoes~ pretty displays!!
    Have a happy safe 4th of July!!!

  7. Hi Connie - I'm a new follower (just discovered your wonderful blog!) I adore your baby shoe collection and how creatively you've displayed them. I have a real weakness for old children's shoes as well - you'll find them all over my house! Have a wonderful and blessed July 4th! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. What a wonderful post--I adore all of the shoes each pair represents a bit of history...and I know what is in the blurry picture:) Enjoyed your visit in the shop yesterday:)

  9. Lovely, lovely displays.....
    I collect baby shoes, as well!
    I just love them!