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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Road Is Long

With Many A Winding Turn
That Leads Us To Who Knows Where
Right back where we started from
Home~~ Family~~ Love

As Promised
Eye Candy From The Cabin

Annie Keeping Watch

Fun Stuff


New Goodies

Useful Items

Annie says thank you
for visiting today.....
 Please return again for more
Cabin Fever Adventures



  1. Your cabin is just so delightful. I love to see you in your period style clothing. You have such a wonderful eye for details. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Connie, So love the cabin. It is decorated so wonderfully with such period items. Took me away to that time for a brief visit. So love it and its contents. Thank Annie for me for a lovely visit. She looks so cute sitting in the window.

  3. oh I love your cabin..it is so nice and cozy..love how you have it all decorated..love that stitchery love what it says.;) love the little annie keeping a watch..and love your dress.;)

  4. Good Morning Connie, Oh how I would love to stay in that cabin, actually to climb right back into that time frame and live. you look so sweet in your attire. And I can only imagine how peaceful that adorable cabin is

  5. Love all the photos...especially the table and chairs! Gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Oh Connie....that feeds the soul and the spirit....Absolutely gorgeous. I get lost in each and every photo. Your new "accoutrements" are spot-on perfect....like they've come home. And you, dear, are as precious as your sweet, sweet, Annie. Thanks so much for the feast. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Hi Girlfriend.. I've been waiting to see your blog pop up with pics from the Cabin vacation...I've been thinking about you ahd how much fun you must be having at the Cabin..
    It looks just prim Stunning as I knew it would..I bet you had just so much fun adding all the new details to the decorating..
    The pictures are just wondrful connie... You will have to shoot me off an email at my Tonya email address and tell me all about your trip when you get a chance... I know you hated having to come home...


  8. That must be such a great experience, to live there and replicate what is was like way back when.

  9. This is so primitive and charming...I agree with Jessica from Blessings in the Country...and the question is...would we go back to the harder, slower pace of life....I like the simplier lifestyle for sure...don't know if I like the harder way of washing clothes...lol....I still hand wash all my dishes...and sew....but I can't make a quilt...some things I'd keep others I'd let them stay in the past.....Mel