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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Country Roads~~ Take Me Home

To a Place ~~ Where  I Belong
Is this Heaven, No
It is Missouri
Thank you dear friends for your interest
and your encouragement on our adventure.
So many questions...thought I would answer them here.

10 years ago we purchased 36 secluded acres 
in the heart of Ozark Country.
We also purchased our Colorado property, 
 Post Office in a Ghost Town, which we restored.
Oh how my heart sings when I am at the old cabin....

5 years ago we sold our 36 acre Ozark property
on a land contract....due to the economy  
last summer we received the property back.
A 16 hour drive takes us to our Colorado Cabin,
a 20 minute drive takes us to our Ozark Property.

So now we are back to square one,
should we build the cabin we thought of 10 years ago?
Yes, guess not, oh maybe, we are 10 years older!!
Mr B finally said "I think I have one more cabin in me"
OK then, you can count me in dear, lets roll.

Building Site
End of the trail seclusion, cold natural spring,
whispering waterfall, wildlife
wild turkeys, deer, even a cougar.
Rock formations, walking trails
and a sweet meadow tucked in among the cedars.
It is all about the land...
I have always been connected to land and the history it holds.
Gone With Wind--Scarlet, the land is what will sustain us
Sarah Plain And Tall--land, it is always the land
Magic Of Ordinary Days--this is my land, my fathers land

This Cabin will be a gathering place, where
friends , family, and strangers will be taken back to a simple time.
A time of sitting on the porch, hearing the softness of nature, 
reading by oil lamp, telling old stories, making new memories.
Taste a bit of rustic life,  taste a bit of the Ozarks.

Everyone is invited, 
you will find the key under the mat.



  1. Oh Wow Connie a cabin 10 mile sfrom home... your mind has be full of this and that and how you will decorate it..What funyou will have after you get all those logs peeled and put into the shape of the new Cabin...
    Shoot this is almost as exciting as your Concert..hehe!!

    Have fun my friend.. I know it won't be easy but it will be a job from the heart...with so much to look forward too!!


  2. Must be lovely, the land calling to you, you being able to "come". Blessings on the endeavor, please share the experience as you go along Nothing like a quiet wayside place in the woods!

  3. Sounds and looks like the perfect place to get awawy from the fast pace lifestyle that so many of us would love to escape from. You and your mister are blessed to share the experience of building another cabin. Move slow, enjoy the process and bask in the nature. Can't wait for you to bring us along on your journey.

  4. Connie I admire you two for the adventures you take, This one being so close will be a great quick escape to live simple and enjoy a slow pace.

    I can't wait to read along on this adventure of yours.


  5. What beautiful property! I can just picture the cabin sitting there. Can't wait to see pictures as you progress, Dawn

  6. What an exciting adventure for the two of you! And for us as we follow you along with the process. Such a beautiful place to escape to -- and I am sure that many, many wonderful hours will be spent there -- both building the cabin and being able to retreat there..... Enjoy the journey!!

  7. oh I can't wait to see this progress and see you decorate it...would love to come and sit by those oil lamps and enjoy it all.:)

  8. What a beautiful piece of property, just right for a cabin. I love the country and to be surrounded by nature. I say go for it! What a nice time you will have building and decorating and getting back to nature. We used to live in town years ago but we both were raised in the country and couldn't wait to move. We started out building a cabin and it ended up being a whole house instead. I am glad we did it, I just wanted to enjoy our land everyday. Good luck with your plans.
    Can't wait to see it.
    Country at heart