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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Portrait Of Jesse - Revisited

Jesse's Letter


Once again I attended Pheona's Vintage Market  in 
Billings, MO. and again I found another portrait 
belonging to the family of Jesse Myrtle Bowen.
The reason I believe this to be true,
 this portrait has the same background colors,
has the same painted eyes and facial color
 has the same damage and was sold my the same vendor. 
The vendor told me she purchased a large box of 
vintage photo's at an estate sale 
and brings a few each month to Market.
To my dismay this photo 
did not have a name written on the back.

This leave us to ponder, who is this young man.
A handsome man, with a gentle face. 
Can it be Jesse's  brother, beau or even husband?

Somewhere in time
There is a place
Where She and I 
will eternally embrace


 Thank you for stepping back in time
with Jesse 
**This is a fictitious letter composed by Connie**  


  1. Beautifully written. A great story line.

  2. what a beautiful post.. I love your blog.

  3. Oh I love this Connie! The photos do look uncannily similar....and your letter - as fictitious as it may be - certainly seems to express the depth of emotion in each of their faces..... I hope we hear more from Jesse and "whoever". Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. I just love this, what a precious tie in, please if you ever find more, Share!