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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Introducing Esther

Biblical meaning: Hidden Courage
Puritan meaning: Star
Esther is my latest creation,
oh what a mysterious gal she is.
Her captivating eyes make you wonder
just what stories she has to share.
The Story of Esther
Esther was born an Israelite,
an orphan she was adopted by her family.
What a beauty she was, wise with a goodness of heart.

King Xerxes of Persia was looking for a wife,
 he sent his servants throughout the land in search
of all the beautiful young maidens.
Esther was one of the chosen few.

The King was so taken with Esther's beauty
and impressed with her sensitive kind heart,
he chose her...
Esther became Queen of Persia.

An evil man Haman, was a friend of King Xerxes,
Haman disliked Esther's father, his plan was to have
all of the Israelites killed.
Esther's  father brought this to her attention
and asked for her help.

Esther, knowing she was an Israelite, would be exposed
and put to death under this ruling. 
Esther had the courage to face her King,
begged him to spare her life and the lives of her people.

Who dares to do this King Xerxes demanded,
cruel Haman said Esther pointing to her enemy.
The King ordered Haman to be hung immediately.
Esther and her people were saved.

 Courage and boldness to approach her King
without being asked, Esther risked her life.
In those days no one approached the King
 without an invitation.

We to may have to risk all that is dear to us
when we speak up for what is right.
But like Esther, we can be sure that
the results of our efforts are in God's hands.

Esther: Hidden Courage - Star 
an appropriate name for this doll of mine.

A Dee Duncan pattern was used for Esther's face and body.
~Thank you Dee~
Burlap, muslin, cheesecloth and flax were used
to bring Miss Esther to life.
I will enjoy her for bit and then may sell her on Ebay.



  1. loved her Connie, loved to hear the tale, let us all be bold and have such love & faith!

  2. Such an amazing doll and story. Thanks for sharing. Don't think I could part with her. I hsve always loved the Bibical name Esther. Hsve a great week.

  3. Connie... you should write story books youhave such a wonderful way of telling a story!
    Love your lady's they are so cute.

    I'm having a little Spring giveaway stop by and sign up..

    Have a great hump day!