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Thursday, February 13, 2014

~~Loves Comes Softly~~

"I believe that there is an explanation
for everything, so yes,
I believe in miracles."
                                                     Robert Brault
"Let your Love be like misty rain,
coming softly,
but flooding the river."

"I got more love in my heart for that man
than anybody ought to be allowed.
I can't even tell you when it happened.
You know, sometimes
Love isn't fireworks,
Love Just Comes Softly" 
                                                      Excerp from Janette Oke 
                                                      "Loves Comes Softly"

From The Cabin
Happy Valentines Day

"Loves Comes Softly"
Airs again on Dish Network 
Channel 185 Hallmark Channel
Saturday 6:00 pm Central Time


  1. Morning Connie, heartfelt post, lovely pictures, Happy Valentines to you, Francine.

  2. Your posts are just beautiful. Hope you are keeping the cabin hearth toasty. Happy St. Valentine's Day.

  3. wonderful photos!
    I love that movie, I bought a copy.
    I think the 1st one is the best in the series!