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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Time To Shine

Summer Sundays 
have stepped aside
it is now
"Fall Fridays"
~time to shine~

The calendar reads October,  however my
 rose bushes think other wise.
Summer lingers a little longer here in the south,
casting dancing shadows before the first frost.


  1. Your roses are beautiful Connie!! Don't you have flowers all year in the south???/

  2. Beautiful Connie, my Huge begonia and morning glories and four o/clocks are still blooming, I even have petunias that seeded by my deck from the hanging plant this year, they are going crazy?? But I love it, as soon it will turn cold and I will dream of spring

  3. Morning Connie, so beautiful, so nice to see at the end of October. Blessings Francine.