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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

~Put The Umbrella Away~

I've got dreams in hidden places
And extra smiles for
When I'm blue

Today is a sharing day.
Have I taken things for granted?

God the Father has blessed me
many times over.
 Precious family, sweet grandchildren,
crazy fun friends,
 possessions, dreams,
health, contentment and love.

I have been a bit blue of late, 
no, I have been done right upset with myself.
I have always had an inner strength attitude,
a place where I can think, reason, ponder.
A happy place where dreams are imagined,
problems are solved.
My place, my private place, I am in control.

I am no longer in control and it is scary.
Yes, God is in control and I have given this up to Him.
I know my faith will carry this burden,
but the unknown is frightening.

These past months I have been dealing with health issues.
Did I take my health for granted?
Maybe a little,
 when it is taken away you ponder the what if's.
If I hadn't lifted those heavy logs,
 but how I loved bringing my cabins to life.
If I hadn't restored that heavy furniture,
awesome challenge and so much fun. 
If I hadn't taken my job so seriously,
an honest days work for an honest wage.

I miss working side by side wth
my soul mate and best friend Mr.b.

I have been on leave of absence since Dec. 1st.
dealing with degenerated disc's in my back.
Shooting spasms of pain from my hip area
down my leg into the bottom of my foot.
First Round - MRI and lots of pill pushing
pain pills, nerve pills, muscle pills.
Second Round - epidural shot in spine.
Third Round - surgery
 next week meeting with the surgeon.
Hopefully soon, with skilled hand of a Doctor
and the guidance of our Heavenly Father,
I will be back on feet, good as new.

Into your hands
I place my worries,
cares and troubles.
Into your wisdom
I place my path,
direction and my goal.
Into your love
I place my life.

The sun won't shine
Until you put the umbrella away


  1. Oh my, so sorry to hear your are having back problems. God is in control and surgeons are so advanced these days. Praying all goes well with you and your recovery will be swift. Please let us hear from you and when the surgery will be scheduled. Hugs my friend.

  2. My friend ~ do keep well. Will be sending up a special prayer for you.
    If you are interested, wheat is a natural inflammatory. Hubby has removed it from his diet (which is difficult) and doesn't walk like an 85 year old man any more.
    Looking forward to your full recovery and happy dances soon.

  3. Good Morning Connie, I will keep you in prayer. So sorry to hear you are going through this.

  4. Morning Connie, so sorry to hear about your health problems. Will keep you in my prayers, Hugs Francine.

  5. I hope all goes well. Best wishes and prayers to you. Janice