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Friday, July 31, 2015

~Jammin Time At The Cabin~

My berry patch is full of sweet juicy blackberry's
coming up ripe for eaten, cobblers and "jam".
Time for Blackberry Jam

Last year we lost over  half of our crop to those
nasty black birds. We picked every other day, those
birds were still beating us up.
So this year we invested in bird netting, now I thought
this was going to be a waste of time.  You can just imagine
the grief it took putting that fine netting over the berry bushes, 
not to mention that at every pickin you had to crawl under it!

So far so good, the blackberry's are in tact, 
the birds are confused and I am a happy jammer!

Today I made my first 2 batches of yummy blackberry jam!
Why is it that July and Jam makin always occur 
at the same time.
Bad enough it is 95 in the shade in southwest Missouri, 
then heat up the house even more with steamy hot
 boiling berry sauce.  

My of my that savory smell, the first
warm taste from licking the spoon...
makes me giggle with delight and proud
that I still continue the family tradition
of Jammin in July.

Come December when the days are short
with a cold chill in the air, I will wrap my jars
of jam in pretty paper and deliver them
to family, friends and neighbors.

My body, soul and spirit is warm again .

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  1. Morning Connie, Jammin' at the cabin looks so yummy, great looking berries. Hugs Francine.

  2. Beautiful, I used to always think that :) why is canning season in summer when it is Hot enough
    Yum I bet it tastes divine

  3. I can remember my Grandmother canning blackberries. In the winter she would open a jar, sweeten them and have them for breakfast with hot buttered biscuits. I don't and have never liked the texture of anything with seeds, but I loved dipping my bread in the juice from the berries. Thanks for bringing that memory to mind. Your jars look so pretty. Glad the netting worked for you.

  4. Oh what fun. You are ahead of us - no ripe ones yet. Hubby likes them dehydrated and added to his nut/granola mix.