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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Primitives At The Cabin

 Primitives At The Cabin

Welcome, thank you for visiting today.  Finally taking time out from some new projects to show you some of the fun treasures I took to the cabin this year.

Primitive Chandelier
This grand chandelier now lights up the Post Office Room.  It hangs right over the "old" post office sorting desk my hubby made some years back.   In a previous post I explained how I made this quaint chandelier, check it out.

 Sitting on the sorting desk some old "Turret" tobacco cans, this tobacco is only found in Canada.  Also, prim candles, coffee cup and treats for the postmaster, rusty cans, a newspaper picture and story about Jesse James.  At the top of the picture, in the frame, is a postmarked envelope we found stuffed in the walls of this cabin.  I should have taken a closer shot of it, it was sent from Missouri to a Turret resident. 

Vintage Ironing Board with Iron
 I searched for some time to find just the right vintage wood ironing board.  This one was not too large, about medium size.
It is really hard to see but located on the ironing board is a cast iron sitting on a holding tray.  Wash tubs hang on the wall along with a vintage hand washer and glass wash boards.

The white cabinet houses the artifacts found when we restored the cabin.  Pottery, dishes, bits of glass, perfume bottle, small tin funnel, pieces of old leather shoes, lots of bullets and railroad spikes.  In the frame, I put pieces of the vintage wallpaper found in each of the rooms, the best pieces were found behind the trim boards.
Dressing Corner
Vintage oak dresser with oil lamp, grunged battery candle and ladies brush and mirror.

This corner of the Post Office is used as the dressing corner.  My handmade bonnets hang here along with one of my Annie's.  The frame above the peg rack displays vintage photos from my collection along with a hankie and an old button.  I know I should take closer pics, will do so next time.

God Bless the USA

Home of the Free
Because of the Brave
Since this is the Post Office, I needed to display a flag.  I made this wall hanging and hand stitched "Home of the Free.... Because of the Brave".  I am not the best quilter, this is quite primitive.  I was really proud of the star block, my hats off to all you ladies that quilt.  I would much rather sew, sand and rust items. 

Fun Scales

 Some of my tinware and vintage scales.  What a lucky find, this scale was purchased in the Ghost Town of St. Elmo, CO.  

I searched for a long time to find this hanging scale,
they were either too expensive or too badly rusted.  This was a great find, just enough rust.  It didn't come with the tray so looked in my tinware collection and found just the right size pan.  Drilled some holes for the chain and added a pip berry wreath and a battery candle.

 Cabinet that houses some of my kitchen collectibles.  Some I use and others are for display.  Tinware, granite ware, pottery, blue jars, and the infamous hanging scale.  

Gathering Room Wall Display

I really like the way this wall turned out.  I left it blank for 9 years and only put it together this summer.  It all started with the six pane window and I went from there.  Sanded and antiqued the window and shelf above.   My problem was what should I put behind the window?  My first intention were to put stitchery's behind each pane.  After collecting several stitchery's I decided that was too busy, I then tried vintage doilies and they too were busy.  I had some cutter quilts but none of the patterns fit the window size.  I know you quilter's would say, just make something, but you forget I am not the best quilter.  I have to confess, I cheated, the quilt panel that appears behind my window is a pillow sham.....now that is creative don't you think.  I framed some of the vintage stitchery's, they are displayed on top of the shelf along with an oil lamp, cute basket with doily and a prim pillow.  A old iron (heavy) double candlestick adds interest, with it's two grunged battery candles.  A newspaper story on the life of Wyatt Earp, another Missouri boy, is in the black frame.  

Pillowcase Prairie Doll

I needed to find the perfect spot for my handmade pillowcase prairie doll, she fits nicely on this wall, adding texture and a little whimsy .  PennyAnn  was easy and a lot of fun to create. The battenburg lace pillowcase dress and bonnet was stained and baked several times for the perfect prim look. "My Hugs" is stitched on her muslin shoulder bag,  PennyAnn likes to share her hugs with everyone.

Just a quick story to share about the making of PennyAnn.  My 2 grandgirls ages 6 and 7 were visiting the day I was staining and baking PennyAnn.  They were shocked to see what Grandma was doing to that cute dolly. Baking her clothes in the oven was confusing to them but when I put the doll in the oven they exploded with questions and concern.  After calming them down, explaining the process, they became my little helpers, checking the oven every few minutes to see if the dolly was done yet.  It was a hoot of an experience.  Next time they come for a visit, I am sure we will have to bake a doll in the oven.  Never too early to introduce them to the wonderful world of Prim..............   
       Thank you for visiting
Until next time, I wish you all  A Prim... Peaceful.... Ordinary Day.

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    Love your photos ! That is neat !.. a newspaper clipping about Wyatt Earp !