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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree...How Lovely Are Thy Branches

Abigal  Snow Lady 
Perched up high
For all to see
Just as lovely 
As She can be

This adorable Snow Lady was created by the talented artist Cathy 
Cathy's Blog

The detail is fantastic from the tip of her hat to the blades of her skates
Round head, painted muslin, black mittens
black ice skates with red laces, rusty bells and real blades
Face is embroidered with handmade carrot nose
Vintage green/black dress with burgundy red under slip
  Neckline, cuffs, skate tops and hat are trimmed with burgundy tinsel
Sculpted burgundy hat trimmed with green ribbon, tinsel, holly and rusty bell
She is holding a burgundy red  star burst
Final touch is a dusting of snow

Oh Christmas Tree, How Lovely Are Thy Branches
Afternoon Reflection

Abigals Silhouette -  Afternoon Suns Reflection 
Congratulations to Cathy on becoming the newest member of
Cathy sells on Etsy as well as her website
Stop by and visit Cathy's blog and website
She is a delight

Not a creature was stirring

I made these little ornaments
mittens with mice peeking out
from under muslin stamped with
"Not A Creature Was Stirring"

Welcome Winter Friends

Painted old drawer by a local artist

Prim Annie holding a Christmas Card
Crafted by my little Sis,  Mary
She makes such lovely cards

New Annie  with baby doll
Sitting on a wooden crate in my kitchen

There is a story here
Our daughter and grand daughter visited from Wisconsin for Thanksgiving
They went Flea marketing without me, cause I had to work
They bought me this adorable black Annie after I told them
I did not have one and needed to make one
She is so cute holding her little baby doll

Peace and Joy
Hope and Love

Warm Prim Blessings to all
on this cold winter morning

Thank you for visiting
with me today.


  1. The tree so pretty!
    Abigal is adorable!
    The mice too cute!
    Annie what a sweet gift, she is a cutie!
    keep warm!

  2. Hi Connie,

    So your the lovely lady who bought Abigal. Thank you. I am just so touched and honored you posted her on your blog and also as your tree topper too! Your tree is gorgeous by the way. Love the little mice as well. Thank you so much for such a lovely write up as well. You are to dear. Love all your wonderful dollies as they always bring such a warmth to any home. Again thank you and have a very blessed Christmas. God bless. Cathy