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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday Display Chain Winter's White's

 Thank you Misi for the simple elegant theme
Winters Whites

Peace and Joy 
My Winter's White's are on display in our large powder room.
This room is still "Antique Victorian"
I love everything about this bathroom
so have not yet changed it over to primitive.
Many family antiques are on display here
Vintage radio cabinet, rocking chair, treadle sewing machine
Victorian pictures, vintage lamp, perfume bottles

 Peace and Joy
Winter's Whites

Peace is Midnight Mass
Peace is hearing Mom's Spirit whisper my name
Peace is wrapped in His arms of Love
Peace is the calmness of the night
Peace is the sunlight of Heaven
 Peace Be With You

"Dove" symbol of Peace
Avon Perfume 
Christmas Gift from Mom, many years ago

Grandma's old radio and rocking chair

This cat never causes any trouble

Lovely Pinky Portrait

Large Urn is a waste basket
A candle on the inside
makes the golden glow

Pretty Victorian Winter's White's
White roses graced the Mothers table 
at my daughters wedding  1999

 Vintage treadle sewing machine
 Displays my lady goodies

Wallpaper looks like vintage plaster
Bottom is painted toffee tan

Perfume Bottles and Compacts
Olde and not so old
Vintage bedroom lamp from Aunt Ethel

Victorian  Pictures from Aunt Ethel

                           Joy Reflection                   
Joy is touching the finger tips of your newborn
Joy is morning coffee with your best friend
Joy is watching your grand child take her first steps
Joy is a School Christmas Programs
Joy is chocolate fudge and sugar cookies
Joy is sharing forgotten memories
Joy is the purity of Winter's Whites

 First Snow of the Season in Colorado
October 2010

Peace and Joy, Hope and Love
Winter Blessings..... Thank you for visiting today


  1. Connie

    Beautiful Victorian Whites!

    I just love the Grandma's old rocking chair!

    Love the outside photo's Beautiful shots of Mother Nature!
    So enjoyed>>> thanks for sharing!


  2. Juat love your bathroom! Wonderful pictures! OLM

  3. Good Morning Connie,
    Your displays are so lovely. I especially like all of the pretties displayed on the old sewing machine...that lamp makes me weak in the knees. Even your snow pictures are pretty. :) Thanks for sharing with us Connie!

  4. I love your winter white display too...and my favorite is the kitty sleeping..I want one of those..I have 7 real ones..and this would totally throw them for a loop.:) I too displayed today..if you get a chance pleas stop by.;)

  5. Connie,

    Your winter whites are so pretty and displayed so nicely.

    Love your log cabin in Colorado, too, by the way and the old garb you dress up in ! Love it !

    Have you read the books by Nancy E. Turner and Jane Kirkpatrick .. great books from another time... of long ago. The books remind me of your cabin and being out west.


  6. Beautiful powder room. I love all of your winter white displays.