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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flea Market Finds

                          Welcome Prim Friends                        Off to the Flea Markets 
in search of treasures.
Guess this was my lucky day 
I found lots fun goodies.

Always looking for vintage clothing.
Found some ladies gloves
And these precious soft soled infant shoes
from 1961, with original box.

                    I was very excited to find this vintage dress top.  The bottom shows a raw edge like it was detached.  I don't think it was a skirt as there is no opening for a zipper or hooks and eyes.  The top is large enough that it could have been pulled over the head.  Possibly worn with another high neck lace garment under neath. The top could have been attached to a band or a pendluem. Detail is stunning.  It appears it be black silk with beige lace.  Lace appliques and underneath the flap is a pocket.  The back is beautiful as well.

 I am open to any comments or suggestions about 
 this lovely vintage garment.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  From the flare sleeves I am thinking it could be from the 1920's, maybe as early as late teens.

Bargains Galore
Courting candle, 3 Beehive molds 99cents
Round chopping block, brown & cream crock
metal box with oak front
All were 3.50 each
Handmade Bunny from Kendra, local crafter
MW Scale
Apple Basket and Peck Basket 3.00 each

75.00 Bargain of the Day
3 piece pine set
Tall hutch, wire door wall cabinet
chicken crate cabinet with doors
I want to stain the tall hutch
a dark walnut shade
Leave the chicken crate as is
Stain or paint the wall cabinet black
Now just have to wait for a warm day to work on my projects.
The fun part will be filling the shelves.
I already know the chicken crate is going to find
a home at the Cabin.

Mr. B's cat named "Kitten"

Thank you for visiting today
Prim Blessings from Missouri


  1. Wow Girlfriend you hit the Jackpot at the thrift store...What i would do to find the two cabinets...what fine gatherings I could create in them!! I'd surely do the cupboard with the wire doors in carriage Black and heavily destress it and rub it with Old English dark Scratch cover. I absolutely love that cupboard!
    I'm with you on the chicken crate it is perfect the way it is...Beautiful!!
    And that hutch is to die for...it would be beautiful done in Black and heavily distressed and rubbed with Old english..
    Carmen would go nuts for the scale she loves them...Me too!
    You did good real good..Nothin like a good day at the thrift store to make the heart sing..I need a good Thrift store day!

    Have a great weekend..


  2. wow you found some wonderful bargains and great treasures..love them all..will be nice to see what you do with them paint etc...and I love that little "kitten"..I have 7 and baby kittys..always melt me.;)

  3. love-love-love your goodies, and kitty is a darling.

  4. Connie, you certainly had a great Flea Market day! I love all of your treasures!


  5. are you willing to sell the chicken crate shelves???

  6. would you be willing to sell the chicken crate shelves???