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Sunday, January 23, 2011

I need your advice, please help

Good morning prim friends
I need your feedback, advice, experience and thoughts
on what I should do.

I am contemplating about starting up a flea market booth again.
It has been 4 years since I closed by booth after doing it for 5 years. 
I have 3 different Markets that want me back.
This is a big decision mostly because of the economy.
Southwest Missouri is a poor area, however, Crane Missouri is a small town
with an old Main Street that consists of mainly flea markets.
 Branson, Missouri music capital is 45 miles away.  I had a booth there
years ago, did good but it is a long way to travel and the rent is high.

I would want to do "primitive" as that is my passion,  
my concern, is there a market for primitive....
The fleas here have everything from country, antiques, home decor to garage sale junk. However, 12 miles away is a primitive shop, The Primitive Peddler, so there must be some interest in the area.  I have purchased from her and she is very pricey.  A Market that I frequent says she gets a lot of customers looking for primitive stuff and is encouraging me.

I would  have to purchase some product but would  include hand made items, as you know my husband is fantastic with wood.  We are now in the process of making leather saddle bags....to go with his saddle and covered canteens.  My husbands advice " don't look to make any money, if you break even and have fun then consider it a hobby".   

One more thing, I also have a full time job working retail, evenings and week-ends.  So there you have it, to Flea or not to Flea that is the question this morning.

Here are a few pics of previous booths I had, they are not primitive, just a lot of fun stuff.

This was my Red Hat Booth  "wow" that was a long time ago.


Any comments will be greatly appreciated.  Be honest, tell me what you think....

Prim Blessings from Missouri
Wishing you all the "Magic of a  Ordinary Day"  they are the best.


  1. I used to do craft shows. There are very few people that make money doing this. For me, it became just something to do. You don't really have time to just make it something to do. If it were up to me, I would have a booth with a variety of items. The prim and country and antiques will blend together well. Some Victorian things, some dishes.....You will be 'testing' the customer population, finding out what they like. And that demographic will be changeable, as well. I think you will do well because you have experience and a wonderful eye for setting up.
    Good luck!

  2. Thank you Linda for your comment and advice, it is much appreciated.

  3. Hi l am a Aussie, but l was wondering if you just aimed at doing 6 markets a year, possibly around some long weekends or anything special happening in the area which attracts a huge crowd. The 2 month gap gives you enough time to stockpile/handmade goods. In Oz there is a small market for primitives, but my country style items always sell well,handing out business cards usually sees return business when you least expect it:-)) Sandra