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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow and Freezing Cold In Missouri

February 1, 2011
First major "blizzard" in 12 years here in Southern Missouri.  Sun is shining this morning after a snowy blowing day yesterday.  9 inches on the ground with 3 - 4 foot drifts, temp this morning 3 chilling degrees.

Snow Day Baking
Since I could not get out to work this is what I did to keep myself busy.  
My kitchen is nice and cozy after baking Apple Bars.  This recipe is so simple, I call them

So Simple Apple Bars
So Yummy
This is what you need.
  Package Pie Crust
Can Fried Apples
Spread out the pie crust and roll a little larger to make it thinner
Cut up the apple slices and spread over crust
Sprinkle with cinnamon or apple pie spice
Roll other pie crust just a bit to fit, cover apples, 
crimp edges and cut slits on top for venting.  
Bake 350 until golden brown
When cool spread with a thin layer of 
canned frosting or make your own glaze.
Enjoy....So simple

Skid Steer is running
Looks like Mr. B has the skid steer running, 
plowing snow so I can get to work today, 1-8pm
Stay safe and warm, all my prim friends that are in the path of this latest winter storm

Prim Blessings


  1. Hi Connie,
    You can keep the snow. But I'll take one of those yummy apple bars, please!! :)


  2. Hi, Connie
    Beautiful pics of the snow looking from here!LOL
    The skid loader that's our kind of moving the snow!LOL
    We had freezing rain, no electric for 11 hrs! Now it is blowing & a little snow, but temps are dropping fast! So thank the lord the electric came back on! Brr!
    The apple bars look so good! YUM!
    keep safe!

  3. Connie, Love all the pictures of the snow. Yep, sitting here in the south , I am just a little jealous. We have had rain and cool temps. I would love to spend just 1 winter in a snowy area, and I would probably get my fill, but I love it. Thanks for the recipe for the apple bars. Got all I need, might just go in kitchen and make one. Take care and be careful.

  4. Cabin fever is right! I'm getting it now! We can't go anywhere or do anything besides eat and watch TV. I'm ready for warm breezes and sunny skies!
    The apple bars sound awesome but we don't need another thing to eat!

  5. Hey Connie nice Snow Pics...I can't even bring myself to take pictutes of this mess we have here. I'm grateful that we didn't get that much snow but it is actually worse at my house right now with 8" or more in some places of ICE..
    They have kept the roads cleared but who can get to them..Not me for sure.
    I had to hammer the Ice off my steps from inside the house...before I could even get out the door this morning...what a sight to see me laying on my belly smacking huge chunks off my step so I can get out the door.
    Power was on and off starting around 5 then We lost power last night at around 8:30 and it has been off till 7:00 tonight. I filled the dish pan with those big chunks of Ice and stuck it in the frige to keep it cold..LOL..
    No Work in the shop for me today can't get in Ice to think & to slippery to try to stand there and smash it so I can get in so spent the day ripping old shirts for Rag Balls and Garland.

    It's snowing now ..praying it stops soon... enough is enough.
    Wish I had one of your yummy looking Apple goodies..Looks so good!

    You stay warm and safe...


  6. oh those apple bars look so yummy..will have to give them a try..don't know if they carry the fried apples here though..at least I have never seen them.;)have a great weekend..bet your house smelled yummy..;)