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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Swap Goodies

Look at all the Prim Goodies....
Beth from Olde Tyme Market Place was my swap partner.
So.... Prim Prairie Annie Doll,  "Love Her"
 Peaking into the box
Annie Doll, Wood Bowl,
Prim Gathering Sign, Vintage Towel
Vintage Spool wrapped with cheese cloth
Tart Warmer with Berry Tart
Adorable Vintage Crochet Baby Booties
Old Nero Polish Can complete with "rust"
After viewing my blog
 Beth knew exactly what she was going to put together
As her sweet note stated
I picked out things I (Beth) liked
And knew you would like them too.... how sweet
Wood bowl with booties, prim sign, towel, Nero Polish
 Adorable "booties" displayed with baby shoes

 Wood bowl tucked behind Prim Bunny's
These cute bunny's are from The Rusty Thimble
Stop over and visit with Brenda
She is an awesome artist
Thanks Brenda
'Prim Gathering"
  Prairie Annie
 Apple Baskets and Bunny's
 A special Thank You to Tam, from A Primitive Place
for hosting this swap.  This was my first swap
It was a lot of fun, I had a great time
putting together a gathering for
Beth at Olde Tyme Market Place.
Beth's blog is an inspiration, full of great Prim ideas
and a lot of, as she says, "junkin"
Wishing everyone the Magic Of An Ordinary Day


  1. Hello Connie oh I love your new goodies, thank you for posting about the bunny tucks I am so glad you like them. Happy Valentines day

  2. AWESOME swap goodies!!
    Beth did an amazing job.
    I love everything she sent.
    Thanks so much for joining in!!

  3. I love everything~ great items, the shoes just adorable!
    Bunnies so cute!
    happy valentines day

  4. Connie, I've just discovered your beautiful blog and have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. To see rules for playing along go to http://shabbyteaparty.blogspot.com Hugs