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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Home For Mr Rabbit~~Giveaway

Good evening friends,
I know I have been missing in action, again
But with good reason, I think...will explain later

Look who has a new home,
Mr. Rabbit has come to stay
Oh,  look how adorable he is!!!

Tamera from Country At Heart was the hostess of a lovely giveaway
~~~I was the lucky winner ~~~
Tamera always keeps us entertained on her blog,
she is constantly doing terrific make overs
and always puts a smile on my face
As does this sweet Rabbit, with his long legs and arms.

Now, where should Mr Rabbit join us...
Mr Rabbit hanging from the Buttery,
OK, but~~~~~

Sitting on the hutch,
Better, but he got lost in the palm branches....

Sitting on my wood boxes and baskets display
Yes, that is it!!!
He looks just perfect guarding all my goodies
Little stuffed Bird setting in a basket
is a creation from Brenda
Another talented Prim Artist,
You must visit her blog and purchase her Prim Creations....

Thank you Tamera for hosting this generous giveaway
Mr Rabbit says,
I made the trip just fine and love my new Prim Home!!!

~~~Now for my latest Sewing Project~~~

Mr B and I are attending the reenactment of the
Wilsons Creek Battle
In honor of the 150th Anniversary 
of the Civil War and This Battle

I have taken on this "very large project" of making my dress,
bonnet, loons and purse
81/2 yards of fabric in the dress not counting the lining
I have made many vintage outfits in the past
Was the "costume lady" all through high school,
but this dress has been a challenge as I want it to be very period correct.
It is coming along and will share more pics  later
It is brown with blue trim accents and vintage tan crochet lace.

We can't forget Mr B~~~
He does not want to be in uniform but will wear period
trousers that will button in the front, no zippers (the need for this pattern)
I don't have to make his shirt
as we found a shirt at a flea market for 1.50, I can do a make over on it.
Purchased canvas button on suspenders,
He has old boots and several hats to choose from.

Honoring our soldiers 
Let us never forget their sacrifice...

Some say this was a dark period in our history
This War pitted brother against brother
fathers against sons
neighbors against neighbors...

Battle At Pea Ridge Arkansas

This War not only changed our Nation forever
It finally United us as well

Freedom for which it stands
Freedom for all mankind



  1. It sure does look like Mr. Rabbit has found a great home. :)

    Your dress and accessories are going to be amazing. Can't wait to see your progress.

    Blessings, Jessica

  2. Congratulations on your Bunny win from Tamera, Connie!! He is adorable and looks quite at home in his new home! Wow...I'm super intrigued with the costumes you're creating...I'm an avid Civil War history fan - would love to one day see a reenactment....Please share photos of your finished projects - and the day - with us!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Hello Connie such a Wonderful Rabbit from Tamera
    And he looks great in all the places you put him.

    What a Sweet thing to say about my creations Big Hugs.

    And now for the attire you will be wearing to the reenactment. That is going to be Perfect I love the pattern can not wait to see it done


  4. Hi,Connie
    Adorable Bunny~ and the bird is cute~ wonderful creations by both Tamera & Brenda~

    Now that is going to be some work on those outfits~ just love reenactments~ reminds us of what they did for us~ so very special this wonderful country & our freedom~
    have a wonderful day~

  5. Wonderful new home for Mr Rabbit! I never did the period clothes but enjoy the history so much.I live 20 minutes from Gettysburg and enjoy many day trips especially in the fall.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. What fun to be part of a reinactment! Love the dress pattern - hope you share pictures of you in the dress!
    Thanks for sharing - enjoy your day.

  7. hi, Connie~ I was going to e-mail you~ but I am having problems with folks receiving the e-mails~
    I love all the goodies I received and they are in my post today~ when you get time stop by & pay me a visit~
    smiles,and thanks again!!!

  8. Loving him, just so sweet! I like the last place best! Can't wait to see the costumes!

  9. Congrats on your win ! Love the period clothing patterns.Hope that you share the finished product with us.Hugs,Jen

  10. Hi Connie...Looks like you have gotten yourself into a fun project... I sure hope taht it is cool when you finally get to wear your dress... Can't wait to see it..If this heat holds I can understand why Mr doesn't want to dress in uniform..I would die from the heat...
    What fun you two will have..

    Have fun stitching and stay cool my friend!!


  11. Your project looks neat and I would love to see pictures from the dress. I have several dresses and they are my favrite kind of clothing. Too bad people to not wear them now a days!
    Wish I could go with you! We live in the same state. Me about 20 min away from the arch. Come and see my give aways,