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Thursday, August 11, 2011

1860's Here We Come

Yesterday I gave you all a sneak preview
of the 1860's Civil War Era Dress I made.
Tonight I will share close up pics
Final Fitting and Photo Shoot

Before we begin I have something dear to share.
As I sat and sewed, countless memories would fog my mind.
Flash backs, over and over of previous sewing projects.

A lot of time was spent wiping away the tears

Memories Of
Sewing doll clothes using Mom's Singer treadle machine
My sisters High School skort so she would get a passing grade
All the costumes for the drama club

Baby gowns for my first born...
they were never used, packed away in a special place,
a piece of my heart was lost the day he died.

My daughters First Communion dress
and later her Prom dress
Sister in law's wedding dress, so many tucks.

Daisy Kingdom dresses for the grand girls
 Vintage style clothing for the cabin.

My ambition to be a clothes designer...
Not an Accountant

 Years of precious memories stitched into this
1860's Commemorative Dress 
I will wear it proudly.

Handsome Mr B
Mr B has been so supportive of my latest project,
he loves history as much as I do,
I thank him for being a good sport and for putting up with me.

He looks so dashing in his duds.
I made his trousers, no zippers, button fly
black military stripes on the side.
He wanted to be neutral but I think he looks rather Northern
that is ok,  since we are from Wisconsin.

His shirt was a white linen flea market find for 1.50
took the buttons off, sewed up the front
to make it a pull over and left 3 buttons at the top.
Sewed down the collar inside the neckline to make it collarless.
Final process was to coffee dye it, looks quite vintage.
His Accessories:
Leather covered canteen
Leather Officers Haversack Map Bag
Both handmade by Mr B

Yards and Yards of Fabric

What style of dress should I make?
Working day dress or camp dress
Better day dress
Tea dress
Ball gown
Carriage dress (traveling)
Black mourning dress (not)

I would categorize my dress as a better day dress for
receiving company or maybe even a tea dress
for afternoons sipping tea with fine ladies. 
Since it is cotton and not taffeta or silk, probably a
Better Day Dress.....

Since I am a matron lady I chose a subdued color, chocolate brown
and added fancy trims to enhance it.
Baby blue cotton fabric trim was sewn into a tube then hand gathered
and stitched to the bodice front and outline of the pagoda sleeves.
Many dresses were trimmed with just plan fabric using decorative techniques.
Lace was not a luxury, it was quite expensive.
Pleated trim as well as ruffles or flat trim  were common.

Since I was a lady with funds I chose to ad some lace.
Flat crochet lace (coffee dyed to age)
was sewn around the outside of the blue trim
and burgundy braid trim was added on the inside.

3 inch flat crochet lace (coffee dyed)
was added to the bottom of the dress along with  burgundy braid trim.
The circumference of the hemline is almost 15 feet....
10 yards of fabric.....
 The bodice is darted for a fitted look
skirt has been hand pleated.

Handmade crochet collar
black scarf (belt) with vintage brown buckle
light blue and brown under sleeves completes the dress.

 By now you should know how muck I like to play dress up
the little girl in me.....will last forever.

We are ready to step back in time.
 150th Anniversary
Wilson's Creek Battle
Southern Missouri

May we always  Remember.... The Sacrifice



  1. Wow, Connie...just...WOW!! My eyes teared up as well when I read your post....So sorry about the loss of your son. I cannot imagine a greater sorrow. And I am also finding it difficult to imagine a more disparate path in life than clothes designer to accountant....but, in an oh-too-familiar way, find I can relate...I am an attorney by trade - but nothing can really be farther from my heart's calling. You and the Mr. look fabulous - he is a handsome one, isn't he? You are so blessed you share a kindred passion. Well done lovely lady....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Connie, I love how you did both outfits..they look soo nice and you both look so great in them..have a wonderful time..take lots of photos.;)

  3. Connie, WOW you both look so fitting for the event, I wish I was close enough to come.

    I too would of loved at one time in my life to of designed clothing, that is what I started doing when first selling my creations, making clothing for people. I remember sitting as a young child and watching my grandmother make her a dress, countless yards of wonderful feedsake fabric.

    You did a great job on hubbies attire and I love his accessories he made, I love my little leather notebook you sent me

    Enjoy the event

  4. Beautiful outfits Connie! You can tell a lot of hard work and love went into them. Can't wait to see the photos....I LOVE history :)

  5. Oh my goodness, how absolutely stunning you both look! Your Mr. is very handsome and dashing, I love his outfit and accessories. You are both amazingly talented to say the least.

    I wanted to cry reading the tiny heart tugs, nothing speaks more eloquently than how you wrote it.

    I hope you both have such a joyful memorable journey. Please have someone do a formal photo of you both together while you are there. I hope all your dreams come true! Please share more with us here! Peace & blessings!