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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October's Magic

October is the month
When the smallest breeze

Gives us a shower
Of autumn leaves

Bonfires and Pumpkins
Leaves falling down

October is Red
And Golden and Brown

When autumn wind goes running
It does some magic things

It gives the shadows dancing shoes
It gives the bright leaves wings

Come said the wind
To the leaves one day


 Come o're the meadows
And we will play

Put on your dresses of
Scarlet and gold

For summer is gone
And the days grow cold
                                                           A Children's Song of the 1880's

Wishing you the Magic of an October Day


  1. Connie....You can make the chills run up and down me like no one I know....Your displays and collections never stop amazing me - and that verse...oh that wonderful, delightful, verse!! I've never seen it before....Surely hope you don't mind if I "borrow" it - because I love it dearly!! Absolutely and truly loved this post....!! Smiles & October Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Just lovely, such beautiful photos. Your words never cease to stir my heart strings!

  3. love your autumn decor and love the childs song/poem.;)thanks for sharing..hope you are enjoying as well.;)

  4. Connie, I so love it when I see you have possted. I know it is going to be so special and take me away if for a moment in time. Such beautiful pictures and the song is so sweet. Would make a great stitchery. Happy October to you also.

  5. Loved this post... such a lovely song and beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing. Warm Hugs,

  6. Wonderful post and I love all the pictures.

    Warm Blessings~Karen

  7. Love your decor and the poem! Awesome!Hugs,Jen

  8. Love all your Fall displays - Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Connie!

    God Bless

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