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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Gift

Gifts come in numerous shapes and sizes
some are large and others small
some gifts have no size at all.
However, it is not the size of the gift that matters
but rather the size of the heart that gives it.

Wondrous gifts of wisdom and knowledge, 
precious gifts of grace and life.

Gift of the Magi

There is no gift more magical
than the gift of being loved

A perfect autumn day greeted me,
 warm rays of sun with just a touch of fall crisp air
set the mood for what was going to be a
  special time spent with my daughter and granddaughters.

My Saturday plate was full indeed,
 I was excited to get this day started. 
I had taken off from work, that was a treat in itself.

8:00 am off to a Pheona's Vintage Market
Click on Pheona's above to view her terrific monthly market.

The vendors, again outdid themselves,
all the rooms were full of
prim, shabby, chippy, antique and needful junk.

Browsing the grounds for the perfect finds made me giddy
 visiting with friends and vendors warmed my heart.
After several trips to my car I was fully loaded
and happy as a singing lark.

It was still early in the day so I sped off to a new  flea market.
I could not buy much as my little Toyota's doors were bulging.
 However, there was enough room for a vintage suitcase or two.

Time to get ready for the Banquet.
As daughter instructed,
"Now wear something special and bring your camera",
are one of the girls going to speak or get an award?
How exciting,  what a great way to end my perfect day,
spending it with my lovely girls.

Saturday Evening 
6:00 pm arrive at Wendy's home.
The grand girls are at school decorating for the event,
we will meet them there.
With tickets in hand, daughter gave me the envelope,
guess I was in charge of the tickets, we were on our way.
I was babbling non stop informing Wendy of  my
wonderful primitive finds and how much fun I had today.

"Mom check the tickets,
make sure there is four of them in the envelope."
Well why wouldn't there be four
I said to myself...you gave them to me.
These tickets looked strange, I turned them over and over again.
"Wendy, these don't look like tickets to a
Mother Daughter Banquet"

"We must have the wrong envelope!"
"I only see two tickets!"
"Well, what do they say............."
These are theater tickets for.....

What the? What is this? 
Are we going to see Michael Bolton?
My body is shaking like tender leaves blowing in the wind.
I look up in time to see the Marquee
as Wendy pulls into the Mansion Theater.
Appearing Tonight
Michael Bolton
OMG, tears, giggles, shock over takes my very being.
What a surprise, I am a huge MB Fan,
I was clueless, didn't even know Michael was in town.

Wendy is in tears, over come with joy,
relishing in the fact she just pulled off
the best surprise, the best gift,
the magical gift of love.

The concert was amazing.
The fastest two hours of my life.
Michael captivated the audience,
 his tender voice belting out song after song.
"When A Man Loves A Woman"
I melted into my seat as Michael was only
five people away from where we sat

Cameras flashing everywhere
Screaming ladies, me included
Fighting back tears
Singing along
Goosebumps and chills
Awesome, so Awesome....
I had the time of my life

Thank You Dear Daughter

A daughter is a little girl
who grows up to be your friend.

Wendy you may outgrow my lap, but
you will never outgrow my heart.

Wendy you are like flowers
you fill the world with beauty.

Wendy and Connie

 When we are together or when we are apart,
You're first in my thoughts and first in my heart.

There is no gift more magical
Than the gift of being loved

"A daughter is a gift of love"


  1. Oh, how sweet of your daughter! I have some of his music, but I have never been to one of his concerts....What a wonderful surprise and a wonderful daughter!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  2. What a wonderful treat! Sounds like you both had a great time together.


  3. So great! Happy for you both, Love Michael singing, Georgia, on my mind!!!

  4. What a truly special gift - from a truly special daughter - those memories will be worth more than any concert experience could ever be (even though I can imagine that Michael Bolton in concert - and THAT close was a pretty amazing experience!) I adore that picture of you and Wendy - it says it all! You are truly blessed....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Oh how sweet I am crying for you. wow what a special gift, I too love MB!!! His smooth easy voice just captivates me!!

    I am just giggling with delight for you. how fun
    What a truly special daughter you have


  6. Oh Connie what a great Surprise.. I too love Michael Bolton.. How totally wonderful tht your daughter pulled off the surprise so well!!
    I can just hear you singing along ...and see you getting all giggly...Feels so good to have special moments like that..especially when it is your daughter who shares them with you...

    Go glad you had a night off of work and ahd especially happy to hear what a wonderful time you had...

    By the way you have a beautiful Smile!!

    have a wonderful week running Michael reruns in your head..giggle!!


  7. What a wonderful surprize your special daughter did for you..That gave me goose bumps just reading it. You are right about daughters being special. I had 8 sons and then finally had my sweet daughter Nellie and she is special and when I go to visit her she has this list made of places for us to go in Chicago. It is wonderful knowing how much joy a Daughter can bring :)
    Nancy insidenanashead

  8. It was exciting just reading about you surprise. So happy for both of you. The best gift is being loved. Something your daughter & you share. Blessings!

  9. What a wonderful surprise, and wonderful daughter too!!!!!