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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Simple Life

A stroll into
Wood Mist Forest

As morning twilight streaks ever so slightly thru the dense thickets of trees
 my forest takes on a magical misty glow of fog like shadows.

Dampness settles on aging branches,
 nourishing them as a mother would her young.

A faint scent of wood mist rises into the still of the air.

Wood mist, 
a woodsy enticing scent reaching into every inch of your being,
captivating the soul, tantalizing the spirit.  

Oh how I cherish this twilight time,
when night's dark softness rolls over, bids farewell,
 and welcomes mornings ray. 

Mornings rays engulfing Woodmist Hideout

Welcome to a little cabin in the big woods.

Shall we take a quick peek,

 of course my door is always open
please step inside.

Oh look at this quaint kitchen,
except for the "white" gas fridge, better than
cold storage in the hill side.

Chippy Sellars cabinet top with rusty panel doors. 
Behind the rusty panels are the original cream color
chippy doors with faded painted flowers.
I did not have the heart to paint over them.
Distressed cream plate cabinet and sink cabinet
were made by a local primitive craftsman.
Love my double drain board sink,
had it in storage for 12 years!!

Absolute favorite "Antique  Stove"

Make do cabinet - second try
 Make do cabinet - first try
Make do cabinet - third try is a charm.

This barn wood cabinet was purchased 20 years ago,
my first primitive piece,
how fitting it should have a new home.

Serene simplicity

Primitive jelly cabinet was hand made by Mr B for our Colorado Cabin

You already know Miss Blair, the overseer at
Woodmist Hideout.

Oh look, here is Annie from Colorado,
she is settling in rather nicely, playing hide and seek today.
Look at that chippy stair railing taken from a 100 year old house!

Where did the time go, the gas lights are lite, dusk is upon us.
Please come back and visit again.

Maybe we will go upstairs and see who lingers there.

Or meander into the necessary room!!!

A Simple Life,
keeping it simple was my goal.
Primitive on the inside
maintenance free on the outside.
The best of both world's.

This evening a full moon looms over my forest.
Peaceful dark of night,
with just a touch of God's wondrous light.


  1. Good morning Connie, Thanks for the stroll thru the forest and the tour of the cabin. It is just wonderful. Love everything you have done in there. What a great place to visit and just be. Thanks for sharing with me.
    Have a blessed weekend

  2. Moring Connie.....prim heaven......Love the little cabin so.....I would never want to leave that sweet cabin tucked in the woods......wonderful decorating.......so cozy and warm.....When is the coffee on.??? LOL.... Blessings Francine

  3. Hello Connie! Such a wonderful walk through the woods, there is nothing like a misty stroll among the trees! How wonderful is your hideaway! I love all the details you have included. I think I could go there and live. Thank you so much for sharing. I love all the wooden walls & decor, the make do & that stove!

  4. What a wonderful tour of your cabin and the woods. Your cabin is full of so many interesting goodies to look at!I am drooling over your stove!!! I know you must be so thrilled to have such a cozy home. I love my cabin in the woods too. We are certainly having a beautiful fall! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhh Connie I actually had Happy tears in my eyes for you as I took this walk threw the woods with you to the new Cabin. I kown how much you wanted this.. Isn't it wonderful when our dreams are fullfilled? Your dream is beautiful...I can close my eyes and see you decorating it..I seen your Candle Sconce you made hanging on the wall...Yea..hopefully you will create many more things yourself to fill the special spaces where your heart finds its peace...Congrats my friend! I want to come visit someday so you can share all this with me personally..it wou,dbe fun to hear your voice talk about each piece! Hugs