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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stepping Back In time With Jesse

Welcome to my simple place, 
a special space I cherished so.
As I peer out my window
fading light brings back precious memory's
of days gone by.

Memory's of a young girls dreams, hopes and fears,
 Days filled with simple tasks, 
rewarded with simple treasures.
Days filled with writing letters and stitching samplers
and day dreaming of what the future would bring.
Oh, how I loved my special place, this room, I called my own.
Where I dared to be more than a simple girl, 
I could be more than just Jesse
I could be "me".

 Please come in, sit awhile, 
experience the freshness
of days gone by.

Jesse's room is located at the top of the stairs
at Woodmist Hideout
Come by for a visit.


  1. just so lovely, Connie, thank you for sharing. it is so very compelling, the voices whisper back through time, inviting us in. misty dreams veiled in dancing shades of white, while the trees sway just beyond the window panes, and smells of delight come from the dappled glades...,,,

  2. Oh Connie Jesse's room is beautiful.. I totally love it! Your cabin warming gift is on its way in the morning. I'm so excited and glad I waited, I think you are going to absolutely love it. In looking at the pictures it's going to go perfectly in Jesse's room on one of two shelves...You'll know what I mean as soon as you open it...

    I was feeling the excitement you had in decorating Jesse's room. It is warm and filled with beautiful touches from the past..Thanks for sharing...


  3. Morning Connie, what a wonderful post, loved to see all the beautiful old treasures.......thanks for the tour, enjoyed very much......Blessings Francine.

  4. Oh my!!! I finally found some time to "catch up"~your photos speak a thousand words!!! I love everything~how exciting--blessings to you this holiday season!!