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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Amish Bread Day

Today is Amish Friendship Bread baking day at my home.  I have been baking Amish Bread since last August.  Thanks to my #1 daughter, she got me started and now I can't stop.  The best part about baking the bread is the joy I receive when I give it away to family and friends.  Chocolate chuck nut was the recipe I used today and they smell so good.  Almost time for coffee break with my best friend, I'm sure we will have to sample this batch of muffins.  Instead of making the loaves of bread I make muffins, which has been a big hit with everyone.  I have a new blog that I follow and these girls are great.  Click on this link  Mennonite Girls.

 Remember all the great Fathers today, not only today but every day.  My Dad's spirit visits me often. Many times we shared the holiday, my birthday and Fathers Day, that was always special.  Dad is gone now but never forgotten.  In my heart I am still his little "spunk"  Love you Dad.........."Everyday is a Gift"


  1. Friendship bread is good, and I also love the friendship cake where you candy your own fruit. Delicious!

  2. Thank you for your comment. Do you have a recipe for the friendship cake. I would like to try it.