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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Good morning family and friends, thank you for visiting.  We are back from our vacation at the Cabin.  I have not posted because upon our return our computer crashed, it spent 2 weeks at the shop waiting to be fixed.  We are up and running now, having to take turns with hubby searching the internet.

We had a terrific time in Colorado, weather was so perfectly cool, 38 to 42 most mornings and 70's to 80's midday.  This was a nice relief from the 100 degrees we left in Missouri, however it is hot again here but hopefully it will end soon as summer in nearing it's end.  Looking  forward to my favorite season, Autumn.
Vacation Memories
We were greeted by a family of baby birds.  Their nest was built on the ledge underneath the porch rafters. We followed their progress for 5 days and all of a sudden they took flight.  They stayed around for a few days, you could hear their tiny chirping voices in the nearby trees.

Texting  in the mountains is always a challenge.  Find the highest mountain peek, stand very still, and hope for a signal.  Two Richard's on a rock, hubby and good friend.

Lets Eat
  Tailgate picnic at an old miner's cabin site.  Always have to take provisions (plenty of food) when you go trail riding.  Sharing our lunch break with 3 hungry black labs, waiting for a bite to fall their way. 

Trail riding in the Colorado Mountains is awesome.  Everyday is a new adventure.  Today we were joined by our family, who drove from northern Wisconsin, to spend a week with us at the cabin.

That log was a challenge...............

Unexpected Visitor
A large cinnamon bear decided to pay us a visit at 3:30 am.  Awoke by a  load crashing noise, I threw off the quilts and ran to the window.  Because of the bright moonlight, I could see the backside of a huge brown fur ball, I knew right away it had to be a bear.  Woke up hubby and then ran to the kitchen window.  There on our side porch was a cinnamon bear, not more than 3 feet from me.  He had knocked over the empty coolers that were stored on the porch , and was reaching down for a small cooler that had 2 loaves of bread inside.  He scooped up that cooler, put it in his mouth, and walked across the yard into the trees.  What a sight, seeing that cooler swinging back and forth as the bear headed for the trees.  We went onto the porch and heard the bear crunching on the cooler and the ripping of bread bags, he had a nice feast.  That morning we found the cooler, empty bread bags and a paw print that measured 7" x 7".  That for sure was the highlight of the vacation. Snapshot was taken round dusk by another Turret resident.

Friendship Gathering
"Friendship is still the most precious possession a human being can share"

Certain friends have a way of marching into our hearts.  They make themselves feel at home.  We do not always know just when such friends moved in but we are glad they did.  Thank you dear friends.  Howard and Karen, Richard and Anita, Connie and Richard, the "New Gang" in town. We look forward to many Gatherings at The Cabin.

Family on the Porch

July 2010  Turret Colorado
Connie, Richard, Darren, McKenna, Kris

Thank you for visiting today, until next time I wish you all will experience the Magic of an Ordinary Day 


  1. I just found your blog and I joined it. You all look like you allhad a great time, If you go to my blog and go down a few older posts you will see we went to Tenn. and loved it and you will also see the bears we saw out in the mountains and took pictures of the it was a family. It was unreal my husband and sons and I for that matter couldn't believe our eyes!

    You have such a beautiful family and you all look so happy and just enjoying life!!
    I am glad I found your blog!!!

  2. Tricia,
    Welcome to my blog. I have been to the Smokey Mountains in Tenn, they are beautiful as well. I will visit your blog too. I love everything Primitive and an always looking for or reinventing old treasures. Good evening and Blessing as well.