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Monday, July 19, 2010

Find Joy in Your Journey

Good morning friends,
Another beautiful day in the Missouri Ozarks, hot of course, but it is that time of the year.  I have been very busy packing for our vacation, going to the Cabin in Colorado.  I can hardly wait to enjoy the cool crisp morning mountain breeze, lazy sunny afternoons reading on the porch, and cozy bonfires in the evening.  I have another truck load of primitive stuff that I have collected this past year to take to the cabin.  Soon, the cabin will be so full I will have to start bringing things back....I will update you all with pics when we return.  Find Joy in Your Journey is my posting theme today.  Life is a Journey, everyday we should find a little piece of Joy within ourselves. An Ordinary Day is a Joy to me,  morning coffee is a Joy to me, being able to work is a Joy to me and surrounded by family friends is a Joy to me.  When I get to the Cabin, I will be over  joyed to visit with my dear friends Anita and Richard, who we only see once a year.  Finding Joy in your Life today will make the Journey so rewarding.  Until I return from my Colorado vacation I wish you all will experience the "Magic Of An Ordinary Day"...................

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