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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pay It Forward

~~~~~Paying It Forward~~~~~
What an amazing movie that is!
What a great way to share our Blessings with others!
Pay It forward!!!

I read about this fun idea from Tonya over at 
and decided to join in and make someone's day a little brighter
by Paying It Forward
Here is how it works~~~~

The first five people who comment on this blog post will receive a handmade gift from me 
Here is the fine print

In return you must write a blog post explaining Pay It Forward 2011
Then....send out a gift (handmade not necessary, just something special) 
to the first 5 visitors who leave a comment on your post. 

Take your time....you don't need to send them all today or tomorrow.

This is a sweet way to connect with old friends or meet new ones
by sharing things we create with our hearts,
a special way of saying, I am thinking of you

It is not the size of the gift that matters
but rather the Spirit of Paying It Forward.

To the first five who want to participate 
please email me your name and mailing address
my email is  gfever3@yahoo.com

Changing the Rules
Because I have less than 50 followers
Because most of my follwers are already participating
Because I know Tonya will send me something awesome
Because this is about putting a smile on your face
And warming my heart

~~~~~To the first five people to comment on this post~~~~~
letting me know which one of my posts is your favorite
Will receive a special handmade gift
As a thank you for reading this entire post
and a thank you for following my blog

No Strings Attached
** Remember to email your address

Happy Sunday Morning
"This Is The Day The Lord Has Made
Let Us Rejoice And Be Glad In It"

Ordinary Days are Special Days, 
My wish for all of you is to experience
The Magic Of An Ordinary Day
                      Prim Blessings from the Cabin      


  1. Smile... I've decided that this is to much fun..I don't receive surprises I send them so I want to play.. Count me in!!

    Have a great Sunday!!


  2. Smile... I've decided that this is to much fun..I don't receive surprises I send them so I want to play.. Count me in!!

    Have a great Sunday!!


  3. Hello Connie wow what a touching post you did, paying it forward is a true unselfish act of pure kindness........God Bless you


  4. Connie,

    I just read your comment on Brenda's blog and had to come and see the twist you put on your PIF. I love the idea of PIF and all the warm feelings that it brings to both the giver and the receiver. A simple act of kindness that is bestow upon someone without expecting anything in return, well there is no feeling that can compare. I am not commenting on your post, to receive a gift, I am just commenting because, you have gotten the true spirit and meaning of the PIF. Thank you for that and have a wonderful day.


  5. This sound like alot of fun please county me in. Cindy

  6. Life is full of surprises, what a special day this it. Thank you for your warm comments, my heart is on fire as I speak. dee begg, girlfriend, email me your address....remember there are always Angels among us.....
    Sweet Sunday Blessings from the Cabin

  7. Connie..my computer went nuts this morning and sent out doubles and triples of my post to you and a few others ...My apologies!!
    As far as my favorite post.. that is way to hard they are all my favorites but I will not tell a lie... I love the post with the gathering you got from me... it was perfect and how often does perfect come along!!