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Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Is In The Air....

March went out like a Lion
A whipping up the water in the Bay
Then April cried and stepped aside
And along came pretty little May
                                       Carousel  (Rogers & Hammerstein)

Signs of Spring
Spring is sweet smell of lilacs
singing robin's

Spring is peeping baby chicks
proud mama hens

Spring is raindrops on roses
running thru clover

Spring is iris's in bloom

Spring is new baby lambs
new baby kittens

Spring is fresh cut grass
Grandma's fun bonnets

Let the March winds blow
That wonderful season called "Spring"
Blow into our hearts
And fill it with
"Blossoms of Love"

My Blossoms OF Love

May the warm rays of Sunshine
Renew our Spirit
Fuel our Dreams
Fill our Hearts
With Peace, Love and Joy

Prim Blessings to all my family and friends


  1. Hey Connie, I loved seeing these bright and cheery photos of everything spring..and you know me..I love that kitten..and whiskers on kittens too..loved the 3 of you in your bonnets..very cute..have a wonderful weekend.;)

  2. Love all the spring photos. Spring is my favorite time of year, I guess because I was born in March. To see everything come alive again it's like we are reborn again with hopes of new things to come.
    I also love doing makeovers. I love Tonya's creations too. So creative.
    Country at Heart