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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Primitive Make Over....Oil Lamp Holder and Drieds

Good Morning Prim Friends and Family
Sharing pics of my newest make over...
Wood Oil Lamp Holder
I am quite pleased with the results, no before pics as I forgot (again)
Started with a pine wood holder purchased from a thrift store
Did Tonya's Technique from My Primitive Creations
Sanded the piece, painted it flat black, 
sanded it again and then the Prim  miracle happens 
when you put on the "Old English"

 Look at all my pretty Dried's
Thank You to Mr B for making the peg rack

 Lavender and Red Sedum from last years flower beds

Love my dried's...can't you tell
They add so much texture and color, nature at it's best

Simple Prim Easter Gathering
Rusty tin chick feeder tucked inside an old apple basket
Black cats and grubby cinnamon candles

Moved my cute Bunny's again
Purchased them from Brenda from The Rusty Thimble
She is so talented, check out her selling blog
Another make over... black scoop candle holder
tipped on it's side filled with candles and dried cranberry's

Moon Lite Night
Peaceful, Calming, Stunning, Mystic

Follow The Directions
I have been wanting to print on fabric so yesterday I got brave and tried it.  The first sheet went through the printer fine and I was pleased.  I was doing vintage labels so thought why not try some canvas fabric. Well, that did not work, too heavy, the printer would not pull it through...
I sewed up 4 little pillows from my printed fabric and then decided to prim them as well.  Using  my coffee stain mixture, painted it on the first pillow and you know what happened....the ink ran!!  I forgot  the tutorial did state that most printer inks are not color fast, well that is correct....

So my first little pillow looks "very" prim....
you can still read some of the writing but it looks to be over 100 years old, lol.
Follow the Directions
Thank you for visiting today, Remember
Ordinary Days are Special Days


  1. WhaaaaaaaaaHoooo!! Look at that lamp holder. Girlfriend I do beleive you have mastered the Prim test with shinning Colors.
    I knew once you got started you would find it much simpliar then you thought it to be it just takes time and a gentle hand... The Lamp holder is just beautiful... I love it!!
    Love your Easter bunny display too!!

    My little herb garden did real well last year so I'm gona ask my Bro if he will rotatil me a bigger area so I can plant more this summer.
    I use so many drieds in my gatherings and this time of year it is hard to come by.. I love yours..maybe come next year I will have plenty of drieds to work with.

    Have a great day!!


  2. I love all of your displays..love seeing the drieds hanging up..and I love your easter displays..yeah you have to dye your fabric before you print..I too have found that out..have a wonderful thursday.;)

  3. admiring all of your pictures and just now noticed the bunnies how sweet Connie thank you
    I love your blog