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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Amish Bread Day

Good morning friends, Today is another splendid ordinary day.  It is also time for baking my Amish friendship muffins.  I chose to make pumpkin nut this morning and they smell so savory sweet, can hardly wait for coffee break.  Last time I tried a new recipe using my sourdough starter.  I baked sourdough oatmeal cookies.  They were quite delicious with the cinnamon and sourdough flavor but next time I will add some raisins.  Hubby like raisins, so always have to butter him up,  just in case I need to hire his services for a prim project.

Just an update, I have been busy in my sewing room.  Made a pair of tan ticking pillow shams, grunged them a little bit and added vintage buttons down the front placket.  Also made a pair of vintage sunbonnets, grunged them with coffee  and cinnamon, they are ready to hang in the Cabin.  My vintage hanging scale is completed.  Rusted the tin pan for days outside (as I kept forgetting to bring it in) nice and rusty now, drilled holes in the pan to attach the chain that hangs from the round vintage scale.  I have it packed away ready to take to the Cabin, I will take pics of it out there and then will share.  I found an old wooden ironing board and vintage iron during my flea market search last week.  They will go to the cabin as well and will display nicely next to my washboard and wash tub.  
The Cabin Page  has been updated so head on over and take a peak.  Click on The Cabin under my other pages.  Hope you enjoy the story and continue to follow along.  As always I wish you all will experience the Magic Of An Ordinary Day today......Connie

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