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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Experience His Beauty

Through His power all things were made...
things in heaven and on earth
things seen and unseen
                          Colossians 1:16

When you see the beauty around you...
let each detail remind you...
to lift your head in Praise!

Peace Be With You


  1. oh my that is a pretty photo..I thank him everyday for the beautiful things he blesses us with.;)

  2. Good morning Connie, it is still dark out this morning and I go out and sit on my deck with my coffee and love the silence and looking at all of God's Beauty, then as day breaks seeing it all come to life the birds chirping and watching the little rabbits isn't life beautiful,and I Prise the Lord everyday hugs

  3. Thanks for the reminder.. I love checking out all of Gods creations and enjoy every moment I have to enjoy them.. There was a catapillar crawling across the yard the other day. My neice Hailey was walking with me and I showed it to her.. Of course she wanted to scoop it up and put it in a jar.. I said no lets just sit down here and watch it for a minute.. So we did and in those moments we spent simp0le time together and watcher the Willy worm as she calls it crawl away...she forgot she wanted to capture it. She did go tell her sister.. Guess what we just seen... She is learning to enjoy Gods simple pleasures...


  4. Hay Connie,

    Your blog is so beautiful..I am follow your blog.
    Please take a look at my blog..and step into my world..