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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thrift Store Finds....In Branson, MO

Looks like everyone is finding some great Thrift Store items. 
I went to Branson, MO (Music Capital USA) to take in a show
but got side tracked,
found three Thrift Stores all in the same block.
Most people go to Branson to take in the shows and shop the outlet malls.

Humane Society, Salvation Army and Boys & Girls Club Thrift Shops
is where you will find me, what a fun time.
Here are some of the goods that came home with me.

Lots of crocks, bottles, wood bowls
wood hanging rack and a cross stitch picture

Another cute wood cabinet with drawers
three wood candle holders ready for paint
vintage stitchery dated 1953...love this...

"wow" a chalkboard, I have wanted one of these
sculpted fabric picture on the top from 1986
think I will replace this with a vintage quilt piece or a mirror
Wood spice rack with all 12 spice bottles with labels in tack
I know Tonya would really like this...lol
Tonight I sanded all the wood items, except for the spice rack,
they are ready for paint....and priming.

The Voice Of An Angel
What an excellent musical show
Cassandre's voice truly sounds like an Angel
Click on  Cassandre above to hear her sweet voice.
I use to work in Branson,  35 minutes away
I sometimes miss the glamor and the wonderful talent
but not the "traffic"

As always,
Thank you for visiting,
 May the Voice of the Angels fill you with Peace....


  1. wow you found some wonderful treasures..can't wait to see what you do with them..have a wonderful friday.;)

  2. Oh wow .. you hit the jackpot for sure.. I love all the old apothecary Bottles you found and yes you're right I love the spice Bottles...I love that towel rack with drawers.. oh heck I love it all..
    I can't beleive you found those candle holders they are just like the one in your gathering Tray... I found two more at the thrift store last week... They look so nice sanded and then Old Englished like yours...
    I'm with you I think a quilt slice would look awesome on the Chaulk Board...
    You keep getting all of this stuff you are gona have to start sellin on ebay once you run out of space in your house... :>)

    Great shopping day for sure!!


  3. You found some wonderful finds. Can't wait to see them repurposed. We're off early this morning to yard sales. Maybe I will get half as lucky. Have a good day.

  4. Wonderful Treasures you found Connie, I have never been to Branson, hubby keeps saying he is going to take me. Glad you had a nice time