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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who Will Stop The "Rain"

Long as I remember
The rain has been falling down
And I wonder, Still I wonder
Who'll stop the "Rain"

6 days of rain in Southwest Missouri
10 inches and counting....
Sun came out this afternoon and we thought it was over
Not so, it is storming again this evening
and the rain is "falling down"....

We are safe but others are not so fortunate.
Here are pics of the flooding in our area

RV park flooded
 Loose dock in Branson

 Branson, Missouri
Docks and boat slips on Tablerock Lake

 Branson, Missouri
Missouri rain keeps falling down
And up ahead is another town
I'll go walking through
With the rain in my shoes
Searching for you
in the cold Missouri "Rain"

Keep all of us in your prayers
I know rain is a blessing 
I think we have been blessed plenty enough.


  1. Oh my Connie, such sad pictures. This weather is so wierd. It's gone from one extreme to another. Please stay safe from the floods and storms. We have had so many tornados close by but have been blessed so far. Calling for the worse yet for us tomorrow. You will be in my prayers and ask you remember us as well.

  2. Hello Connie now that is alot of rain. It is so sad I have been reading on the floods and all the evacuations. My prayers are going out for those affected. Be safe and I just read Angelas comment prayers been sent for their safety. so many bad storms lately.

  3. I agree..we have been blessed enough..That is sooo sad to see pictures like that and they are having problems everywhere..Fires..Tornados..Floods..What do you think God is trying to say?
    I was really hoping to have a big garden this year and hope all this rain doesn't spoil it

  4. holy cow..that is scary where you are..I hope you all are safe and it stops soon..;)

  5. Connie,
    I know what you mean with all the rain. Here in Ohio, all along the river is massive flooding. I hope the rain stops soon, for you and me both.
    Country at heart

  6. Connie, it won't stop raining here, but we have not had the amounts you have. Stay safe!!


  7. Lord Be Connie and I thought it was bad here ..I am so glad to hear you are ok where you are...Myabe you need to go to the Cabin early isn't it on higher ground?

    You stay safe my dear friend...and get out of there if flooding gets close to you...


  8. Oh my goodness that's a ton of rain. Pretty scary looking too! Stay safe!

  9. Good gravy! It happens all around and the Mississippi seems to catch all the snow melt and rain fall. It's a great big basin and it has to overflow. Be careful. Take no chances....

  10. Connie
    So much water~ oh, my~ my prayers with you keep safe~