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Friday, April 1, 2011

Pay It Forward Surprise Goody's

The Easter Bunny came early....
I was so excited today, came home from work
and there was a package for me!!!
My good friend Tonya sent me such amazing goody's
Tonya, they are all so special, I simply love them.

Thank you for the wonderful Pay It Forward Gift's
Made with love straight from your heart
Look at all these Prim Gift's....
Rice Eye Bag... for my headaches
Rag wrapped eggs, I had my eye on these, girlfriend
Wooden jar covered with fabric with message of Peace
Tonya's specialty, 3 hand dipped grubby candles
tied together with homespun and twine
These are the best smelling candles ever....
Prim black paddle
Prim black candle holder with the
cutest small nubby candle
Vintage doily and pip berry bundle

Now The Fun Part
Displaying My New Prim Goody's

I put the darling eggs into this wooden file box
set the bundle of candles in front of a ticking pillow tuck
and set the little handmade jar next to a spindle wrapped with cheesecloth
So..... Prim Easter Gathering

The minute I saw the paddle and candle
I knew where it was going to be displayed
The candle, doily and pip berry bundle sits on the
oh so Prim Paddle
they are displayed on my newly aquired
slant top desk

The rice bag sits next to my chair
ready to use after a hard night at Walmart....
 Check out Tonya's blog
She creates amazing Prim gatherings
Sells then on Ebay and on her blog
Writes from her heart 
Always puts a smile on my face

Thank you Tonya
Thank you Friend
You Have Touched My Heart
Don't we look chic in our Easter Bonnets....
Prim Blessings


  1. That is the neatest goodies ever and you would never get anything but awesome items from Tonya...If I had a big old house it would be decorated in what I would call Tonya style..she is the best and a real sweetheart :)

  2. That is so sweet! It's only the second PIF gift I've read about actually happening. Good for Tonya and good for you!

  3. Hey Connie, I received the same goodies today in the mail..and I can't wait to do my decorating tomorrow..and thanks for the decorating ideas..:) you are so right..those candles are the yummiest..I can't stop smelling mine..:) have a great weekend.;)

  4. Connie... Thank you so much for your Kind words. I'm so tickled you liked all your goodies..I knew you wanted the Eggs and the Rice Bag..Glad your little paddle gathering went well on your Desk...

    Your friendship means a great deal to me too!!


  5. Connie
    Wonderful post~ Great items from Tonya~

  6. Such neat gifts to recieve in the mail. Making friends who really care is one of the main reasons I decided to blog. Not for gifts but for the friendships. One of my very best friends is a faraaway friend. We are so close. Tonya has to be a very special person. Off to visit her blog. Have a great weekend.

  7. Sweet gifts from tonya isn't this so fun and the friendships we make are so special